The 3 Best Office Desks for People Who Work From Home

It’s a real boon to modern parents that companies are increasingly allowing employees to work remotely, but it can be hard to focus when you’re sitting on your couch with a computer perched on your lap. If you’re serious about getting your work done, a designated workspace allows you to emotionally segue into “work time” and keep your work life separate from your life life. Whether you’re a freelance writer working from home or a desk jockey looking for a space to pay bills and scroll through social media posts, these three home office desks will integrate into your décor and make work time more productive.

With its small footprint (40” x 20” x 30”) this minimalist, industrial-style desk is ideal for apartments and home offices that double as a guest room in which you have limited space. The MDF top has a textured wood grain finish that reviewers say is surprisingly, and satisfyingly, like real wood. There is no assembly required—simply open the black metal frame and snap on the tabletop. While the lack of drawers might present a challenge, there is a matching book shelf that can complete your home office and provide as much storage space as you need. When you’re not using the desk, simply take off the tabletop; the rest can easily slide under a bed or into a closet. For a folding desk at a low price, this table is extremely sturdy and high-quality.

If you have an open corner, this L-shaped desk can be a real game changer. It has three separate pieces (a shorter side, a longer side and a center piece) that can be rearranged and allow you to customize the desk to your space. The MDF tabletop comes in three different wood finishes, plus a basic black. At 54” x 44” x 19” this desk is spacious enough to fit two monitors; if you need more space than that, simply combine two desks to make a U-shaped desk or gaming space for the kids. The item is easy to assemble, taking about 30 to 60 minutes to put together. One word of caution, however: Tighten every screw completely during assembly to ensure its stability.

This is the desk your mother envisioned when you told her you were desk shopping. Its traditional styling offers three drawers to hold and hide all your necessities. The lower drawer can accommodate letter-size hanging files, and all three drawers have metal runners and a safety stop so you don’t end up with a lap full of pens and paper clips. With its Washington Cherry finish and wrought-iron craftsman-style hardware, this is a classic piece of furniture that doesn’t need to be hidden away in a corner. There are also several matching pieces available, including a technology pier and a two-door library bookshelf. A bonus: the engineered-wood desk is made in America by a third-generation family-owned business.

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