The 3 Best Magnet Sets To Awaken Your Child’s Inner Engineer

Unleash your child’s creativity with this brightly colored set of 100 magnet tiles. The five different straight-edged geometric shapes lend themselves to countless configurations. Perfect for both individual and group play, they allow children to become the architects of their own 3D visions!

In addition to a variety of rainbow-colored geometric shapes, this magnet set lets kids put their creations on wheels. As though constructing vehicles and structures isn’t enough fun, it also has alphanumeric tiles to encourage counting and spelling activities. And, it comes with a ferris wheel which is always a guaranteed hit!

This set of 115 magnets comes with an array of shapes and sizes beyond geometrics. The little people and windows make constructing homes and buildings a natural progression, providing even greater opportunities for role play games. There are so many possibilities to inspire your child.

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