The 3 Best Lint Brushes to Keep You Looking Sharp

Whether it’s dust, fiber, pet hair, or even glitter, the lint brush is a simple but essential tool to ensure surfaces—from your couch to favorite skirt—are kept crisp and clean. Pick the brush that best suits your needs, and you’ll be on your way to living your best and cleanest life!

Remove fuzz, and dust from your clothing with this reusable lint brush. It’s double-sided and can be comfortably held with either hand to capture twice as much debris as its single-sided counterpart. Economically priced, this 3-pack conveniently allows you to have a brush on hand (house, office or gym even) for wherever you need it most.

While you may love cuddling-up with Fido and Fluffy, you’re likely not as fond of being covered in their fur. Not to worry, this reusable lint and fur-removing brush removes the fluff to keep you looking sharp. With a quick swish into the self-cleaning base, fur and dander are neatly contained until it is ready to be emptied. This reusable system comes in a variety of sizes for travel and tackling larger areas like upholstery and carpet.

These lint rollers are perfect for on the go. Just tear-off a new sheet, roll and keep your clothes crisp and lint-free. The adhesive is strong enough to remove lint, fuzz, and dandruff while gentle enough to use on delicate fabrics like silk and fine knits. This 5-pack roller set makes it convenient for touch-ups at any time or place.

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