The 3 Best Lazy Susans to Organize Your Space

Originally designed to help distribute food around a table, the lazy susan has since evolved into a smart organizational tool for kitchen cabinets and around the house. These rotating trays are especially useful in keeping small items within easy reach.

This well-made turntable features a clean white and black design, making it a welcome addition to any crowded space. Sized generously to handle bulkier items, it’s perfect for organizing a large cabinet or shelf. The wide non-slip base, deep ledge, and smooth steel ball bearings keep items from tipping over. It’s also available in an 11-inch size to accommodate smaller areas.

This elegantly polished, marble lazy susan is meant to be displayed and doubles as a centerpiece, perhaps with a vase of flowers on top. Of course it can also organize your kitchen essentials or serve appetizers and desserts at your next gathering. Whatever purpose you choose, this rotating server is a beautiful and versatile addition.

Maximize storage space using this two-tiered lazy susan in your pantry or cabinet. The non-skid surface and rimmed edge ensure that items stay in place and the sturdy plastic surface is easy to clean. This 12-inch turntable can neatly organize a variety of small items from spice jars and canned goods to nail polish and craft paints.

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