The 3 Best Baby Teethers To Soothe a Little One’s Discomfort

Infants generally begin teething between 4 and 7 months of age, and, boy, can this milestone make your kiddo cranky. Typically you’ll spot the lower central incisors first, followed by the top two center teeth, but the reality is teething varies from baby to baby. One thing that unifies little ones, however, is the discomfort caused by cutting teeth. Most parents state on the record that watching their cutie go through this painful process is a big-time stressor. While there isn’t a surefire way to alleviate this pain, baby teethers can go a long way in providing some relief for your child, and double as a safe play thing to chew on even when new pearly whites aren’t busting through.

We can’t promise this carrot-shaped baby teether will make your little one have an affinity for the orange veggie, but chomping on this textured product will offer a soothing sensation for their little gums. The carrot “leaves” provide the perfect mechanism for baby to hold onto the teether on his or her own. Parents will appreciate that it’s both BPA free and safe for a run in the dishwasher.

If baby is always reaching for your actual set of house and car keys, then this colorful set of teether keys is a must-have. Multiple surfaces allow little ones a variety of options for which to soothe their gums and the key ring is perfect for a small hand’s gripability. Nontoxic purIce gel helps the keys stay cool longer after a visit to the refrigerator.

Sophie La Girafe is a classic infant toy on her own, but this miniature version complete with two handles is baby teether perfection. Made from 100% natural rubber, each handle boasts a different texture, so little ones have a couple of options in terms of surfaces to gnaw. It’s the perfect addition to a diaper bag for when baby is fussy and uncomfortable while you’re on the move.

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