“Terrifying” Baby Monitor Photo Inspires the Funniest Thread on Twitter Right Now

There’s nothing sweeter than peeking at the monitor and seeing your little bundle of joy sleeping peacefully through the night. But occasionally the image is distorted and you might think your eyes are playing tricks on you. Have you ever seen an, erm, demonic baby staring back at you on the monitor?!

Yep, if you’ve used a monitor than you know that the night vision on it can make for some terrifying images. Which of course are nothing to worry about—once you “unsee” it. So, when one mom took to Twitter with a photo of her little one looking possessed—glowing eyes and all—via her baby monitor, it sparked the funniest thread of responses. These baby monitor horror stories are more common than we thought and the original tweet was enough to get Twitter users going.

This is a valid suggestion.

Something to look into, for sure.

Gotta love it.

I’m sure they’re beyond thrilled to welcome this little one.

Good call.

Probably a good place for it.

Definitely not the most reassuring feeling.

The original mom responded to the tweet, reassuring everyone about how cute her baby was.

People quickly meme-ified the baby.

Twitter users responded with their own experiences that were similar to the OP’s.


A local White Pages might be useful for this.

He might need to get that checked out.

OK, this one really got us.

He looks ready for something.

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