Teen Mistakes Woman’s Lipstick Stains for Bruises, Deftly Tries to Save Her

A woman on Facebook is praising moms after a recent incident at the mall, in which a teen boy tried to save her life.

Saudia Arabia–based writer Momina Naveed wrote that while out with her father at the mall, she had been trying out lipsticks, and swiping them on the back of her hand. In the process of removing the swatches, the lipstick stained her skin, causing her hands to look bruised. The sight of her hands caught the attention of the teen, who mistook the red marks on her hands as the real thing.

“This kid (14- to 17-years-old probably) motioned for me to move to a corner and then asked me, whilst addressing me as his elder sister, if I needed help ‘getting away’ from someone. I explained to him that it was just lipstick,” she wrote.

The boy’s act of kindness truly moved Momina, because it said a lot about the way boys are being raised today. Offering to help someone who looks like a victim of domestic violence is already a very kind gesture, but the fact that it came from a child, especially a boy, is even more heartwarming.

“MY HEART IS SO HAPPY. Our new gen[eration] of boys aren’t willing to be bystanders to abuse. They want to put an end to violence even if it is affecting women they know nothing about,” she wrote.

She continued by giving “major props to our current generation of mamas,” writing, “Y’all are doing it right.”

Considering all the crazy stuff that’s going on in the world right now, it can be easy to lose faith and feel concerned about the future—namely how our kids will fare as adults. But Momina’s story reminds us that one of the best ways we can make sure the world is better than when we entered it is by raising our kids well.

Since being shared to Facebook, Momina’s post has gotten over 22,000 shares, with many commenting how happy they were to read such a story. “That was so sweet of him, I definitely want my baby to be the same kind of man/boy” wrote one user.

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