Teen in Jumpsuit Gets Turned Away from Homecoming Dance for Violating Dress Code

For Florida teen Darcy Krueger, what was supposed to be one of the most exciting events of her senior year left her feeling embarrassed and upset instead.

The 17-year-old was denied admission to her homecoming dance for violating dress code—and for an awful reason.

Event organizers for the Tampa Bay Homeschool Homecoming dance took issue with the fact that Darcy, clad in a black jumpsuit, wasn’t wearing a dress. But the dress code reportedly didn’t explicitly ban jumpsuits.

“I was very surprised. I called my mom and I was telling my friends about it because I couldn’t really believe it,” the teen told ABC Action News.

On Facebook, the teen’s mom, Melissa Krueger, criticized the event organizers’ decision, writing, “My daughter was just denied entrance because her dress attire has a crotch in it. Tell me this isn’t semi-formal attire.” And what was the person who made this decision wearing? “The lady who wouldn’t let her in had pants on and refused to look at my screenshot of the dress code. Darcy’s upset and so am I,” she wrote.

Darcy told ABC Action News that when she had gone shopping for a homecoming dress, she couldn’t find one she liked. She ended up wearing the black jumpsuit she already had in her closet, and figured she could dress it up for the dance.

ABC Action News reached out to the event organizers regarding the event, which took place in September, and obtained a statement, but unfortunately, their response leaves much to be desired. It read:

“We have two private events every year for our students. These events have a dress code. This particular event 390 students bought tickets. Only one student had to be turned away and it was due to dress code. We offered her an opportunity to come back if she could change into the dress code. We would have loved to have [had] 100 percent attendance. However, her ticket was refunded after the event and we confirmed that she did not return.”

Speaking with ABC Action News, Melissa confirmed that they did receive a refund, but still called the incident an injustice. “This is my daughter’s senior year and to see her get rejected and denied entrance to a dance that she could have went to any semi-formal event in the area and walked right in and no one would have batted an eye.”

At least one good thing came out of the encounter, however. As ABC Action News reports, after seeing Melissa’s Facebook post, local photographer Jennie Ellis reached out to treat Darcy to a photo shoot of her wearing the black jumpsuit.

Now that her story has gone viral, Melissa hopes for two things—that the event organizers give her daughter a “sincere apology,” though they will never “demand one,” and that the dress code be changed to “clearly state that dressy jumpsuits and dress pants be acceptable Homecoming attire for girls.”

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