Taking Your Baby To A Wedding? – 7 Things To Keep In Mind

Taking Your Baby To A Wedding

Yay! Your best friend is getting hitched. You are probably excited to attend the wedding. Because how can you miss it when it’s your best friend? Remember how your bestie left no stone unturned to make your wedding the greatest day of your life? But things have changed now. You are a mother. And taking a baby to a wedding can be a nightmare if you are not well prepared for it. If you are apprehensive on how to are going to pull this off, here are 7 things to keep in mind before you take your baby along with you to a wedding.

7. Layer It Up!

Layer It Up

Whether it is an outdoor wedding or an indoor setup, make sure you dress your munchkin in layers if it’s going to be cold. And layering up doesn’t have to be boring. You can still dress your baby in stylish outfits and vibrant colors. Just adding a warm thermal beneath the outfit can do the trick. Also, carry a baby blanket. It will come in handy when your baby is restless or feeling sleepy.

6. Ditch Those High Heels

Ditch Those High Heels

Wearing your favorite stilettos might seem like a good idea when you are attending a wedding. After all, you want to look and feel your best. But with a baby around, it may not be a wise choice. You can switch to platforms or trendy juttis that are comfortable and goes well with your dress. It’s a small sacrifice you have to make when compared to the repercussions of wearing high heels.

5. Keep It Minimal

Keep It Minimal

Remember to go easy on accessories. Wearing heavy jewelry can easily turn into a nightmare with a toddler by your side. All that glitter is sure going to grab their attention, and before you know it, they will be grabbing and pulling on it.

4. Stay Away From Loud Music

Stay Away From Loud Music

We all know that Indian weddings and music go hand in hand. But loud music can startle your little one and even damage their tender ears. So it’s best to keep a distance from loud music and speakers to be on the safer side. An even better idea would be to carry child-friendly earplugs.

3. Carry Extra Food Items

Carry Extra Food Items

A huge crowd can make your baby cranky. And feeding them at a wedding will be a daunting task for you. You can carry some dry fruits, crackers or yummy finger foods to feed your toddler in between. Avoid any watery foods as it can be quite messy and turn out to be difficult to feed. If your baby is breastfed or bottle-fed, you can carry sterilized bottles with formula or breastmilk in them.

2. Carry A Baby Pram

Carry A Baby Pram

Babies hate staying in one place. And it will be hard for you to carry them around when you are all decked up. With baby pram, you can carry them around with ease and your arms will get some rest too. And with all the commotion around, your baby will be able to sleep peacefully in their pram.

1. Carry Extra Diapers, Toys, And Soothers

Carry Extra Diapers

If you don’t want to witness a diaper disaster at a wedding function, it’s best to carry some extra nappies in your bag. Your baby’s diaper can get soiled after 3-4 hours, hence it is best to carry some extras so that your baby’s bum can remain dry for longer.

A child needs constant Mama’s attention. And you may not be able to give them that at a wedding function when you have to attend to your friends and family or simply wish to enjoy some delicacies. Your toddler can easily become fussy and cranky at this stage. Carrying their favorite toys and soothers will act as a needful distraction and entertain them for a while giving you time to do other things than concentrating on your baby.

With our simple tips, we are sure weddings will no longer be a daunting task for you. Make sure your baby bag is well-packed and you are dressed right (see tip 5 and 6) before you step out of your home to enjoy the wedding with great zeal.

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