Stranger Shames Mom for Not Interacting with Her Child…Who Was Reading

Getting a child to sit quietly on public transportation is no small feat. When you’ve finally managed to get your family out the door, a peaceful ride to your destination is a mom’s dream come true.

That’s why one mom was so surprised when a stranger took her to task for not interacting with her daughter—because her daughter was devouring a book. Yes, really.

In a thread on Reddit, user Babalon6666’s said her daughter was “deeply concentrated” on her How to Take Care Your Horse Book on a ride to the pediatrician’s office when a nosy stranger decided that somehow, a child reading quietly was shame-worthy.

“A lady across the aisle of the tram stares at me and my daughter and starts to talk, ‘I can’t believe you haven’t interacted with your child once in 15 minutes, what a crap mother you are, you should be ashamed,’” Babalon6666 said.

The mom was shocked, but she was ready with a smart comeback.

“I was just so perplexed by the insanity of the situation, which furthermore proves, no matter what you do as a parent, there will always be somebody criticizing you,” Babalon6666 said.

Babalon6666 isn’t the only mom to be shamed on public transport. Several Redditors shared similarly frustrating stories.

A stranger brought this poor mom to tears.

Sorry, didn’t know moms now have to bring an entire paint palette and canvas everywhere we go.

Another user wondered why this woman was clutching her pearls over the OP’s lack of interaction with her daughter, but had no problem swearing or making a scene in front of the child.

Still more users praised Babalon6666 for raising a bookworm. The mom kept her cool in the situation, and seems to know that regardless of a stranger’s opinion, her daughter is doing just fine.

Further down the thread, the mom explained her daughter is participating in a “rider’s exchange,” where she cleans stables and helps take care of the ponies in exchange for weekly riding lessons. In her free time, she’s started learning more about the animals.

We’re glad she was too laser-focused on learning to pay attention to the rude stranger harassing her mom. “Heads up to all parents out there,” Babalon6666 said at the end of her post. “You do a great job.”

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