Stranger Goes Above and Beyond to Save Drugged Teen from Predators at Party

One parent’s story is renewing our belief that there are still good people out there, particularly young men who will step in to help women in danger.

In the subreddit TwoXChromosomes, user Blintszky revealed that they almost went through every parent’s worst nightmare: their teenage daughter was almost sexually assaulted by child predators.

The teen, the parent explained in a post, had lied about going to a sleepover, when she actually went to a party with drinking with “questionable friends.” She ended up being drugged at some point, and abandoned by her “friends.”

As she was stumbling out of the party, the OP said the teen was “being hounded by three horrible guys.”

At this point, the daughter was in major danger, but fortunately, a stranger came to the rescue.

“You saw my daughter on your way home from work and instantly put yourself between the guys and her. You held her whilst forcing them to back off and called the police,” the OP wrote, addressing the Good Samaritan.

Not only that, the stranger drove her straight to the hospital, made sure she was seen right away and wasn’t alone. The stranger also contacted the OP and their spouse and explained the situation calmly and concisely, so they wouldn’t be panicked in the middle of the night. “You stayed with her the whole time and reassured her. Without even asking us for a thanks or staying to receive praise, you gave us a pat on the shoulder and went on your way,” they wrote. “To young men like you, thank you for making a terrified parent a little more assured.”

Many on the internet forum found the outcome of the story heartwarming. “We need more men like this in the world ❤️ Kudos to you, Sir, wherever you are tonight 👍🏻” one user wrote. “Confidence in Humanity: restored by three points,” wrote another.

On a related note, just yesterday we reported on a story of another young man who was ready to help out a woman he saw at the mall, who he thought might have been a domestic abuse victim.

We hope one day, stories of men stepping in and trying to help women out of dangerous situations, rather than turning a blind eye, become the norm. But in the meantime, we’re happy to know there are already some leading the way.

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