Stop Hating Your Body: Ask Allanna

I have found a grey hair in my eyebrow in my 20’s, then in my pubes in my 30’s, and finally at 45, the grand day arrived when a 4” strand stuck straight up out of my crown. To add balance very dark thick curly ones have sprouted behind my thighs. Lovely.

I crack up when my nutritional guests on my radio show have EXUBERANT JOY when they talk about the intricacies of bowel movements. I remember when I decided there wasn’t a point to caring about what people thought when my legs were spread wide for friends, video cameras, doctors, nurses, cleaning staff and passersby as I gave birth… IT’S JUST A BODY!!

And let’s be clear… our point of view of this body makes ALL the difference. If it is ugly to you… then its ugly period. If it’s broken, then indeed it’s broken. If it’s a nuisance, it’s a nuisance. And if it’s past it’s prime, it’s downhill from here on out.

Yet what if your body was your best friend, who speaks to you clearly about what it needs for YOU to thrive, be radiant, youthful, sexy and alive? What if it could tell you to stop stressing, to date HIM not him, to sleep more, to follow your dreams, to receive more support… ALL this information IS being transmitted to you every day by your sweet beautiful amazing body.

You have to listen. You have to stop the abusive judgments, behaviors and withholds of love, touch, gratitude and kindness… and listen to what makes you feel lighter or heavier. Your body is ready to guide you in what to eat, who to date, what business to start, who to hire. Your body is there to welcome contributions from every molecule in the universe… from the trees, bees, people, galaxies beyond our imagination… just ask.

Then take the point of view that you are sexy. Look for it. Dress like it. Flirt with yourself in the mirror. Walk-in a room and fill it with your radiance. Caress yourself with scented cream and enjoy how pleasurable your touch is. Adore your curves as voluptuous, adore your eyes that reveal your soul, adore the spring or sway in your step, adore how the breeze feels in your hair, how the sun feels penetrating your skin. Enjoy being IN your body. Your body will respond by feeling, looking and being delicious.

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