Spending More Quality Time With Your Family This Summer

Combining family time and the outdoors is a double win. Check out these tips to fill your summer with green space and create quality family time moments.

Family time is crucial to developing those deep, meaningful bonds and creating memories that cement those connections for a lifetime. Summer is fast approaching, and that means endless opportunities to rev up quality family time with some fun outdoor activities.

From stress and anxiety reduction to improved socialization and creativity skills, research shows that exposure to green space via spending time outdoors has an array of mental and physical health benefits for both adults and children.

In other words, combining family time and the outdoors is a double win. Check out these tips to fill your summer with green space and create quality family time moments.

1. Go on a Camping Trip

Camping is an inexpensive getaway with plenty of opportunities for structured learning and unstructured play activities. There are dozens of camping options to fit your family’s exact style and needs. Set up a tent in your backyard or travel to a primitive camping site. Rent an RV for the weekend so the family can take a road trip to a state park or RV park. You can even combine nature with luxury for a ‘glamping’ trip to a cabin, beach villa, or lodge. Whatever style you choose, camping offers plenty of adventurous bonding for the entire family.

2. Take Your Meals Alfresco

Life is busy, and every day can’t be a big adventure like camping. However, there are plenty of everyday moments, such as your family’s meals, that can be carved out for quality family time. Taking your meals outside is a great opportunity to relax and bond without the distraction of a digital screen, which the average child spends five to eight hours per day behind. Keep cleanup simple by cooking on a grill so that not a second of family time is wasted. If you don’t have a grill, there are a wide variety of Webber grills out there to suit your family cookouts. These and other quality grills ensure your outdoor meals are both delicious and hassle-free.

3. Commit to One Greenthumb Project Per Summer

As a family, sit down and decide on a green project to tackle this summer. For instance, you could make and maintain a bird or squirrel feeder. You could also consider putting together a home garden when the weather gets warmer. Most kids love the idea of creating a raised-bed garden, which would involve the family building the boxes, planting, feeding, weeding, picking, and cooking the fruits of the garden together over the entire summer. If time or space doesn’t allow for a garden, then try dedicating one or two days per month to a u-pick at a local farm. You’ll pick and prepare the meal together; you can even devote a couple of hours to researching everyone’s favorite recipe ideas for the produce you’ll be gathering up.

4. Get Moving With Nature

Whether it’s cycling, hiking, or boating, there are plenty of ways to get moving with and through nature. It’s a great way to burn off those extra calories from summer treats, too. Utilize nearby nature trails to bike and hike. You can bike over to a local conservatory for a family science day. Visit local beaches, streams, lakes, and rivers for water activities like swimming, tubing, canoeing, paddle boating, and so forth. Don’t be afraid to keep it simple and close to home, either. Try a bike ride around the neighborhood before coming home to cool off on a homemade slip and slide and recharge with a picnic.

5. Go Fishing

Most families enjoy a nice leisurely fishing trip. Do check with the local Wildlife and Fisheries Department if you’re unsure where fishing is allowed and what permits must be obtained. There’s more than one way to catch fish if a fishing trip isn’t in the cards. Take family game night outside with a game of Go Fish or backyard Marco Polo. Adults and kids alike go crazy over an exciting scavenger hunt.

Getting outdoors with the family this summer doesn’t have to be a grand production like Disney or exotic beach vacations. You have five inexpensively fulfilling activities above that you can do all summer to catch some green space and strengthen your family’s bond. Which idea is your family most excited to try this summer?

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