Sleep Sacks To Help Your Kiddo Have a Safe and Restful Night

In the absence of loose blankets (a crib no-no for infants), sleep sacks or wearable blankets are a safe and easy way to provide a little comfort for baby at nighttime and during naps. With a wide variety of sizes, designs, and weights (like lighter muslins and warmer quilted cotton), there are a slew of great options to suit the climate in which you live or the current season. Plus, they’re all kinds of adorable. Just check these out.

Known for their sensitive skin-friendly products, Burt’s Bees hits it out of the park with this 100% organic cotton wearable blanket. The design gives your little one enough room to wiggle and not feel constricted, but provides a breathable cover for nighttime coziness. Parents will love the way the zipper opens from the bottom making PM diaper changes a breeze.

Adults and big kids have weighted blankets to help calm anxiety and ease a restless body at night, so why shouldn’t babies have a similar level of comfort? These Nested Bean Zen Sacks have a small weighted pad sewn into the chest to offer a soothing feeling, almost to mimic the gentle pressure of your hand, creating a soothing sensation at night. It’s a great concept and these sacks are cute to boot!

You’ll be hard-pressed to find a baby sleep sack with designs more adorable than these from Hudson Baby. We also love that they have sleeves, serving as pajamas and a sleep sack in one. If your little guy or gal is prone to scratching their face, built-in foldable mittens can keep those rapidly-growing nails at bay.

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