Sit Your Parents Down and Read Them the Riot Act – Again!

Remember, I tried in 2016 but you wouldn’t listen. You didn’t believe me about Bernie the last time and we got Donald Trump!

Look at the chaos, inhumanity, and perversion of our constitution that ensued. How many children have been caged or separated from their parents or died at the border?

How many American kids have gone hungry in the 1000+ days & nights of Donald Trump’s administration? 45,000 Americans a year continue to die because of a lack of health care? Are you good with this… really?

Oh, if only you had listened to me. It might not have become Donald Trump’s America empowered by Mitch McConnell’s un-American constitution bashing.

I really need you to focus this time. It’s for your own good, mine, your grandchildren and the world! I’m voting for Bernie Sanders. He wants to shake things up.

With all your and grandma’s and grandpa’s talk and activism through the years have you truly seen systemic change in our political or social system? We are in crisis mode and I need you to step up to the plate.

You told me I could achieve whatever I sought and taught me not to accept the status quo. This is America, you said. Anything is possible. Yet here I am, four years later, still burdened with college debt that stresses me out all the time.

They say the job market’s great but I can’t find a decent job. Climate change is destroying the world, overt racism is flourishing, poverty is rampant and we are closer to a civil war than we were when I mentioned it four years ago.

And let’s not even discuss health-care! Four more years of Donald Trump and we’ll all have even worse or no coverage. Forget about existing conditions.

I’m telling you this for your own good and it hurts me more than it does you to say this – but your generation screwed up royally.

I’m scared about the future. My student loans probably won’t even be paid off before my kids are ready for college.

The Republican’s Supreme Court is poised to overturn one of your generation’s accomplishments, Roe v. Wade. Are you willing to stand by and let it happen?

Most politicians come from the same mold. They are not visionaries. Some of them hold very good positions, but their approaches are similar: lame, ordinary and ineffective. Even the ones that seem to have good values often get them from the latest daily poll. NOT BERNIE!

You lectured me for years about taking responsibility. I’m really disappointed that you don’t seem to have the strength of your convictions.

You say you really like Bernie’s ideas and values but you’re not voting for him in the primary. He’s too radical. He won’t win in the general election. You said that four years ago and look at what we got.

If everyone shares your attitude that huge change is impossible then there will be no change.

Imagine if Abraham Lincoln had thought in “baby steps”, and decided it would be politically impossible to eradicate slavery. Certainly, the resistance to abolition was as great as that to socialized medicine. What if he suggested a path to freedom, but permitted a salary of $.10 cents a day without board while the average laborer was paid $.90 per day. I wonder where we’d be now.

What if former Vice-President Hubert Humphrey had not heroically stood up at the 1948 Democratic convention and insisted civil rights be included in the Democrats’ platform? I wonder where we’d be now.

It kind of makes you think, doesn’t it Mom and Dad?

You taught me to be open and to challenge and question the status quo. I’m doing that. I’ve analyzed the political scene. I’ve listened to all the candidates. Whenever most of the Democrats speak, I agree with lots of their ideas.

They all want change but most think it needs to be slow to moderate… little steps. They say that’s the only way to get buy-in from the majority. I just don’t agree!

Like it or not, the Republicans have tasted blood and the only way they’ll go back to soda or beer is if there’s a groundswell and the people force them to.

Just like Bernie says, it has to come from the people. It’s not his Presidential campaign, it’s ours.

You didn’t listen to me last time. The Democrats lost and now we have a conservative Supreme Court and over 150 lower-court judges many of whom aren’t even qualified. Republicans swear allegiance to conservatism and Donald Trump. They actually stand by what they believe.

Oh, if only you had listened to me four years ago and supported Bernie. Things might have been so different.

When I sat you down in 2016, I told you we needed Bernie. You resisted and the Republicans and Russians saw to it that Donald Trump was elected. And they’re working on it again!

Bernie’s calling for a revolution!

When I watch him at the debates and town halls, I know he’s speaking from his heart. What he says really resonates. Isn’t that important?

Bernie knows it takes big dreams to create change. He knows it won’t happen overnight or without a groundswell from the people. Just like Martin Luther King Jr. who didn’t listen to his critics and dreamed big!

Bernie speaks to me and my generation! He admits he can’t make all these changes alone. I said it earlier. It’s about our revolution not simply his.

We can’t wait any longer. I’m 29 years younger than you are and willing to vote for someone older than you. Why aren’t you? What are you afraid of?

Are you letting the word socialist throw you off? As Michael Moore, a guy from your generation said, the last time America voted for a candidate who was fighting fascism it was FDR. People called him socialist. He didn’t back down. How many terms did he serve?

Now we’re opposing a President who openly seems to embrace the world’s fascists. People closest to him have said they don’t know if he will willingly leave office even if he loses the election. This is scary. Don’t you agree?

Mom and Dad, let me ask you a question. Are you really comfortable with the world your grandchildren are going to grow up in?

Please, take a principled stand. It’s what you taught me to do.

My generation believes Bernie will make a difference. You weren’t right four years ago and let’s face it for many years before.

I’ve taken your advice on most things for years. Now I’m asking you to take mine. Please have faith in me.

If you like the substance of Bernie’s ideas, and in your heart of hearts you’d like an America with equality for all, ignore your friends who say he can’t win in the general election. He can and will if given the chance.

Be true to your ideals. Make a difference. Of course, I will always love you no matter what you do!

Previously published on OpEd News.

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