Shampoos For Color-Treated Hair To Protect Your New Hue

There’s nothing quite like emerging from your favorite salon with freshly colored and coiffed hair. Whether you’re experimenting with a bold new look or saying goodbye to grays with a root touch-up, we all have one thing in common—we want that color to last. Maintaining the integrity of your color in between appointments is important, especially when trying to stretch out the amount of time until your next visit as those salon appointments don’t come cheap! With a slew of options to choose from, it’s never been easier to find a shampoo for color treated hair that works for your mane—and your budget.

L’Oreal Paris Hair Care EverPure Sulfate Free Volume Shampoo for Color-Treated Hair

Fine-haired ladies rejoice—this one’s for you! A gentle cleanser with volumizing components, the EverPure formula is free of sulfates, salt, and surfactants. Although sulfates are often used in hair care products to break down oil and dirt, they can also be guilty of stripping the good stuff from your strands, including color.

Keep up that gorgeous salon quality sheen with a shampoo for color treated hair that imparts a shine of its own. Thanks to ingredients like sweet almond oil, coconut oil and keratin, hair has never felt smoother or silkier. Seriously, you’ll struggle not to rake your fingers through it repeatedly. It removes the bad stuff (think oily buildup) but leaves behind the gorgeous shade you’re currently working.

As makers of hair color, it should come as no surprise that Redken knows a thing or two about how to maintain and protect those shades. This shampoo and conditioner duo contains the brand’s exclusive RCT Protein Complex technology whose main mission to to keep hair healthy from the root right down to the ends. Because color can’t truly shine on damaged strands.

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