Serena Williams Opens Up About Hubby’s Supportive Stance On Parental Leave

Champion tennis player Serena Williams just got real in an interview with People about why it’s so important for moms to be home for longer than two weeks after giving birth.

Serena has a daughter, Olympia, 1, with husband and Reddit co-founder Alexis Ohanian. Earlier this month, Ohanian wrote an op-ed for The New York Times about the need for quality paid family leave for all parents and caregivers .

“Only 9 percent of work sites in the United States offer paid paternity leave to all male employees, and 76 percent of fathers are back to work within a week after the birth or adoption of a child,” he wrote in the piece.

Luckily for Ohanian, Reddit’s policy allowed him to have 16 weeks of paid paternity leave after Olympia was born.

“Nothing could have dragged me away from my wife and daughter in those hours, days and weeks — and I’m grateful that I was never forced to choose between my family and my job,” he wrote.

Ohanian also mentioned that about a quarter of women who give birth in America are working again within two weeks — an absolutely appalling and unacceptable statistic.

Serena applauded her hubby for vocalizing this issue on behalf of men and women. She also said that it would’ve been “impossible” if she returned to work two weeks after giving birth.

“I have my own job and I make my own schedule, but even then I still have commitments, and I can’t imagine moms that get two weeks off and have to go back to work,” Serena told People.

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