Self-care Is the New Sexy

Self-care is for everyone

Normalizing everyone taking an individual vow to take care of themselves is so vital in today’s burn out culture. This flood of self-care mantras is not just for women. It is for everyone. Hopefully, in time everyone will receive the message to start taking care of themselves seriously. Burn out was recently put into the DSM the manual of psychological disorders. That being said, let’s change the way that we look at “self-care”. Self-care is so much more than personal hygiene (even though it is important). Self-care is the way that you are addressing your mental, emotional, physical and spiritual needs. When you are working on those domains, you will create positive habits that will last a lifetime. You will experience greater peace, resiliency, and self-worth. When you put yourself at the top of your to-do list, you shift to a mindset that says you’re invaluable.

Mental aspect

Taking care of your mind is vital to everything. Become mindful of the type of thoughts that you have–negative or positive. IF you’re not used to keeping track…get in the habit of checking in with yourself. You will attract, what you are thinking about. Seek out professional help such as a mental health therapist, life coach, pastor or whoever you feel comfortable with being heard to explore how to have better mental health. Don’t let shame, self-reliance, or stigma get in the way of you going to go see a professional. It is their job to help you get to the next level in this regard.

Physical aspect

Take control of your physical health via eating a balanced diet(nothing wrong with having a cheat day). When you take care of your body, your body will serve you in ways that will serve you in amazing ways. Make time to sweat–this is not limited to going to the gym, sex and so on. Whatever you consider to be a physical activity that keeps you active, go for it.

Emotional aspect

Make the time to cultivate emotional outlets. Emotions when they are not released lead to a host of issues such as physical ailments, depression and anxiety just to name a few. Holding yourself accountable and owning your feelings may be challenging at first if you are not used it. Expressing yourself emotionally through a medium such as the arts is a great place to start. Putting down your feelings in a journal, singing, dancing, whatever resonates for you, explore. Validate your feelings if you haven’t been in touch with them lately. Express. Express. Express yourself. Your power lies in your ability not to allow your emotional wounding to dictate how you behave. You can set the tone for how you are

Spiritual aspect

You don’t have to adhere to a particular spiritual path in order to nurture your spirit. This is where your power is. Addressing your spirit is tapping into your passions, your hobbies, your purpose. It is a journey to explore self and really get to know yourself. You are worthy of investing and ensuring that you can be the best version of you possible. Committing to joy, happiness, and your peace will show you the way to thrive in this aspect.

Finally, self-care is for everyone. Let that sink in. Let that thought guide you to your self-worth, power, and discovery.

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