Sarah Michelle Gellar’s Trick to Limit Her Kids’ Halloween Candy Intake Is a Treat

Fans of Sarah Michelle Gellar on Instagram know that she and hubby Freddie Prinze Jr. go all out for Halloween. (Have you seen their couple’s costume from The Royal Tenenbaums and her Harley Quinn, both from last year? Brilliant.)

So it’s safe to assume their daughter, Charlotte, 10, and son, Rocky, 7, would inherit that same enthusiasm for the holiday. There’s the fun in picking out your costume, and of course, all the free sweets.

But if the idea of your kiddo overdoing it on the candy consumption in one day freaks you out, you might like the Buffy the Vampire Slayer actress’s trick-or-treating approach.

“Before we go out trick-or-treating, we have desserts at our house, usually better-quality made than candy. Like, we’ll bake stuff, or we’ll have special chocolates that we’ll buy. And we tell the kids the number that they can pick, and they put all of their treats aside. Then they write their name on theirs,” she told Working Mother.

She continued, “And then they go out. They can trick-or-treat for as long as they want. But they can’t eat it. And then when we get home, they can have their treats and then we usually donate our candy to the soldiers who don’t get to celebrate Halloween.”

The actress is cofounder of the baking kit company Foodstirs, which is known for having only organic and non-GMO ingredients, so it’s no surprise that she prioritizes healthier ingredients even on Halloween. She does admit, however, that her kids will argue with her to get more candy. “Of course, they’re kids,” she said.

And while costume creation can be a source of stress for parents, Sarah said her family is very hands-on about it. “We’re big into Halloween in our family. We take our costume-planning very seriously. It’s like a combination. A lot of them we make ourselves. My husband made our son’s [costume] last year almost entirely from scratch,” she said.

Sarah, who will star in the limited series “Sometimes I Lie” from Ellen DeGeneres and Warner Bros TV, also told us about her interpretation of work-life balance. “I think there’s no such thing. I think as an individual it’s up to you what you need to be successful. The most important thing is when you’re present with your children that’s your focus, and you’re 100 percent present, and when you’re at work, you’re 100 percent present. Because if you give half to each, nobody wins,” she said. “You can’t [actually balance work and family], because that definition [of work-life balance] is going to differ in each person. What one person needs is not what the other needs to be successful.”


Sarah chatted with Working Mother to promote her partnership with Colgate Optic White. “I always look to partner with brands that I think are impressive, that serve a purpose…And everybody wants a beautiful white smile. But what are the products that have the ingredients you really need? And for me, Colgate Optic White really has that combination. It’s the only one that has hydrogen peroxide, which we know is the only one that gets beneath the surface and can make that difference… Make it part of [your] routine, and that way you always have white teeth, and it’s setting an example for my kids for what’s important, and hygiene is extremely important.”

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