Retro Camp Style

Certainly you didn’t think I’d let summer sneak up without properly preparing with my favorite summer fashion items, did you? I’ve always loved classic summer camp style to get us through the middle months. They evoke such happy summer feelings which is what we all need right now. Think Parent Trap, A-frame camp stores, campfire sing-a-longs, canoeing, crafting…summer smiles. With no further ado, some summer camp styles for kids!

  1. J Crew Chewy Creek Campground Ringer Tee
  2. Happy Camper Tee – Michigan shop and it’s on super sale
  3. Kid & Kind Summer Camp Sweatshirt
  4. Kid Nation Retro Velour Camp Shorts – Nella wears these all summer long up in Michigan. I love the velour texture–super campy.
  5. Old Navy Camp Shirt – Available in several colors, this camp shirt is a staple for all outdoor summer adventures. Fishing, camping, exploring!
  6. Old Navy Retro Camp Gym Shorts Nothing says summer camp more than these classic and comfy shorts. Only $7 right now!
  7. Hanna Andersson Camp Socks – Stock up while they’re hot because they’re 50% off right now.  These are the ultimate summer camping socks. We love wearing them under sandals (camp socks + Birks for life!).
  8. Winter Water Factory Explorer Tee – We are huge Winter Water Factory fans. Their prints are so fun, and the quality of their garments is impeccable. They offer other retro summer camp prints too like this campground one in teal (love the contrast on the neck) or green.
  9. Children’s Place Birks Knock-offs 
  10. Fin & Vince Classic Camp Bathing Suit with Piping – Adore the simplicity and those tie straps.
  11. Camp Rainbow Baseball Cap – This whole shop though!
  12. Lil Louie Fanny Pack – I love Walker Family Goods and the way they celebrate adventuring with your family. Their Lil Louie packs are the cutest, embodying all that retro camp style and the perfect size for kids.
  13. Oxford Pennant Home Pennant – Y’all know I love my Oxford Pennant. This camp pennant is so appropriate for this summer’s adventures. Home can be the perfect place for summer camp.
  14. Nike Cortez Tennis Shoes – These are my favorite tennis shoes right now both for adults (I have them) and kids. A pair of these and some good camp sandals–set for summer!
  15. Retro Stripe Tube Socks – These are our favorite socks to add some funky to any outfit, and they’re the “it” sock for summer. These rainbow stripe ones are my favorite (Nella wears them a lot!).

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