Reddit Slams Dad For Wanting to Cancel Working Mom’s Gym Membership

There’s nothing like a good endorphin high, especially before a sure-to-be-stressful day of working from home and taking care of three kids. That’s how one dad described his wife’s life in a post on Reddit’s Am I The Asshole subthread, titled “AITA for suggesting cancelling my wife’s gym membership?”

“Because she leaves the house by 7:45 in the morning to drop the younger kids off at school, then works all day, getting home at 6 p.m., the only time she has to go to the gym is at 5:30 in the morning,” the Reddit user posted from a throwaway account. She can’t hit the gym in the evenings, he continues. “Evenings aren’t possible as she needs to care for the kids, and prepare their lunches, feed them dinner, etc.”

Notice how this dad doesn’t mention where he helps out anywhere.

“She started out going almost every day, but now she’s been missing quite a few days,” he said of his wife’s workout habits. “Today, after coming back into town after being gone for work, I noticed her BCAAs [energy supplements] still in the fridge, and I questioned whether she had forgotten them. She told me that she hadn’t been to the gym in a few days, and that’s why they were still there.”

This is where things get really bad.

“I told her that maybe we needed to cancel her membership if she wasn’t going to go anymore,” the dad said. (Our heart rates are already rising in solidarity with his wife’s.) She got very upset, he said. She said she was exhausted and trying her best—what mom isn’t!—and that she was trying to go as often as she could.

“I just don’t see the point of paying for a membership if she’s not going to use it,” the dad said at the end of his post. “AITA?”

The answer was an unequivocal yes, and Redditors weren’t afraid to share why.

Mom deserves some time to herself.

By the way, this dad is also gone “85% of the time,” as his job requires a lot of travel. He suggested his wife cancel her gym membership to lessen the family’s financial difficulties … but he goes to the gym every day himself and has for years.

She doesn’t need a gym cancellation—she needs help.

Don’t even THINK about it.

This dad should be more grateful.

He needs to reevaluate his priorities.

This mom is working hard to keep an entire household afloat. We hope her husband listens to the people of Reddit, and apologizes profusely for trying to get rid of her only outlet.

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