Problems At Work?

If there is a problem in your workplace, you want it fixed quickly. Let’s say there is some hostility, harassment, or possible discrimination happening in your workplace. It’s important to document it, report it, and also ask for a remedy on the matter. There are pros and cons to a company bringing in a Mediator, who is a neutral third-party person who helps to facilitate a resolution between the two parties.

This can be highly beneficial because a Mediator can help the parties to work together and solve the problem. It can also save a lot of time and money for both parties. For example, if you chose litigation, it can tie up everyone involved for years. The cost of bringing in lawyers, depositions are not cheap, and neither is the emotional energy that gets expended through legal arbitration. The beautiful thing is that if you are emotionally charged up about being wronged, mediation can make you feel more empowered. You can voice your concerns to the other party. The role of a Mediator is not the same as a Consultant who provides advice. The Mediator can let both parties address their concerns with each other in a civil manner.

I always recommend asking for a Mediator if you can calmly and respectable address the problem that is occurring in the workplace. I have seen successful mediations and unsuccessful mediations. For example, if the Mediator is not neutral or takes sides, an intervention will probably not work. Recently, I talked to Ann (not her real name) about her mediation that took an entire day. Her company was willing to make a fair financial settlement for discriminating against her for her disabilities after mediation. You may think that a day is a long time to meditate with another party; however, if it had gone to court, it would have dragged out for months or maybe years.

The emotional distress of dragging out a negative work experience can be exhausting and may negatively impact your health. There is a lot of paperwork involved when moving forward with a legal case if you feel you have been discriminated against in your workplace. The initial application for the incident, discoveries, interrogatories, and requests for documentation from the other party can take months and drag into years if the other party asks for an appeal on the matter. An employment attorney can provide employment law advice and bring positive results to the issue. However, the grieved party may have to endure long periods of waiting for a date in court.

Customized agreements can be decided between the parties in mediation. Communication between both parties can also lead to better engagement between them. When you seek mediation, it helps to simplify the process of receiving a fair outcome. There may be a time when you feel that you cannot accomplish negotiation in your workplace. Your gut may tell you that the other party is not likely to listen to your concerns or that they are not expected to agree to your terms. The bottom line is weighing the pros and cons of having a Mediator help facilitate an agreeable outcome. If you feel that mediation can give you fair results in a shorter period of time than litigation—go for it!

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