Positive Parenting Strategies: Small Changes with Big Results

book image for ME's positive parenting strategies guest, Dr. Alan KazdinAs parents, our days are filled with little challenges — making sure our kids get out the door on time for school, getting siblings to play well together, helping a toddler accept “no” without a tantrum, persuading teens to get off the phone and do their homework. Dr. Alan Kazdin, professor and director of the Parenting Center at Yale, has spent his career helping parents whose children are especially defiant and challenging. But his latest book, The Everyday Parenting Toolkit, brings his proven methods to bear on the challenges all children and parents face. He joined Marti & Erin in this week’s show for a lively discussion, offering a positive parenting framework you will want to try with your own children.

In this week’s Mom Enough show, Dr. Alan Kazdin from Yale University, discusses his ABC approach to handling parenting challenges (A for antecedents, B for behavior, C for consequences). What challenging behaviors would you like to change with your child? What steps could you take to apply Dr. Kazdin’s method, starting with small changes and moving toward the bigger goals.

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