Photos: Mom’s Goodbye To Older Child Pre-Birth Is Everything

Goodbye To Older Child Pre-Birth

Some photos don’t really need an explanation because they speak a thousand words. Bidding goodbye to your child before you head off to the hospital for birth is an emotional experience for both the mother and the child. Because your firstborn will no longer be your only child once you return from the hospital. As much exciting it is to welcome your baby into the world, it can be a bittersweet feeling for the mom. There will be a change in dynamics once you leave for the delivery room. Your family of three will become four and you will be a mum of two instead of one.

When I first laid my eyes on these pictures, it struck a chord with me. It took me back to 5 years ago when I gave birth to my second child. Saying goodbye to my daughter who was just two years old before I headed off to the hospital was almost heartbreaking for me. While my daughter looked innocently into my eyes, I knew she had no idea how big a change this will be for her once I come back from the hospital. She got our constant attention for 2 years and now our attention was going to be divided between the two. And so, when I came across these beautiful pictures, I knew exactly what it captured.

Fortunately for me, my older child fell in love with her baby sister as soon as she saw her for the first time. They got along really well and she wasn’t jealous of all the attention I was giving to my baby. She was patient, caring and couldn’t wait for her to grow up so they can play with barbies and have fun together. Now my eldest is 7 years old and both my daughters are best friends. I wish I had a picture where I was hugging my little angel before going to give birth.

If you too have experienced something similar, we are sure these images are going to bring back all the memories at one glance. Take a look.

The son hugging the baby bump. We’re sure he cannot wait to play with the little one once he is born.

baby bump

This photo of the son sitting on mom’s lap is sure to melt anyone’s heart.

lap is sure to melt

Here’s a picture of a different baby enjoying those few moments of being the only mischevious one in the family.

moments of being the only

The little girl who is listening closely for any baby movements or kicks.

listening closely

The girl bidding her last goodbye to her mom before birth captures the true emotions in the child’s eyes.

mom before birth captures

This takes me back to the time when my daughter hugged me so tight she never wanted to let go. It truly captures the emotional struggle of the older child pre-birth.

my daughter hugged

We can’t help but look at the adorable smile of the son when he hugs the mom’s baby bump.

adorable smile

The daughter hugging the baby bump shows how much love she already has for her unborn sibling. All we can say is that is one lucky baby to have such a lovely sister.

unborn sibling

The excitement of having a younger sibling is amazingly captured in this photo.

excitement of having

This photo of son hugging the mom’s legs shows the bittersweet feeling of the changing family dynamics.

hugging the mom

Mom and daughter exchanging one final kiss before leaving for birth is a heartwarming sight to behold.

exchanging one final kiss

Daughter and mom sharing a warm moment before welcoming their newest addition to the family.

newest addition

Your family is going to evolve once your firstborn is not the only child in your family. And this change is inevitable. But once you have the newborn baby in your arms and your child is eagerly waiting to hold your baby and give a kiss, your heart is going to melt and you are going to feel like the luckiest woman in the world.

Do you recall the moment you bid goodbye to your first child before welcoming your second? How would you describe the moment? We would love to know.

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