Parents Say: When Your Child Hates Haircuts

When Your Child Hates Haircuts

Do you have a sensitive soul at home who cries or runs away when they hear the word ‘haircut’? Children sometimes react as if they have nerve endings on their hair strands whenever you cut it. Haircuts can trigger anxiety and resistance in kids. And getting them to sit idle or taking them to a salon might seem like an impossible task. It doesn’t matter how gentle or calm you are when you try to cut their hair, kids will run for their life at the sight of haircutting scissors. We know the haircut trauma is real. In this MomJunction article, we have compiled a list of the best advice from parents who have walked down that road and conquered their child’s fear when it comes to a haircut.

1. It’s Time For Some Tough Love

It's Time For Some Tough Love

‘My daughter hates getting her hair cut. And I have realized that all that sweet talk and pampering isn’t going to make my job any easy when it comes to it. So regardless of all her tantrums, I just make her sit until it is all done. She doesn’t like it, but that’s just the way it’s going to be. Now she has learned to accept haircuts and knows it’s going to happen come what may.’ Carol

2. Find A Distraction

Find A Distraction

‘My son hates haircuts. And every time we bring out the scissors, he freaks out. Until one day my friend suggested cutting his hair in a kiddie pool. I was skeptical about trying it but it worked like a charm. That was the first time I saw him smiling when he was getting his haircut. He was so distracted by the water and the toys that he barely had any time to concentrate on what was happening to his hair.’ Rima

3. Do It In Phases

Do It In Phases

‘Sometimes we should see the world through our child’s eyes. It’s been only a short while since they experienced the world and there’s so much they still don’t understand. And scissors and haircuts may scream danger to them. So the best thing you can do is have a lot of patience when it’s time to trim their hair. I like to do it in stages. First I trim the bangs, and a few days later if she is busy playing I sneak up and cut from behind, and maybe trim the sides when we are in the bathtub where she is busy playing with her doll. This way your child won’t be overwhelmed and will soon find it okay to cut their hair.’ Komal

4. Do It At Home

Do It At Home

‘Taking your kid to a stranger with a big pair of scissors who is going to cut your child’s hair is maybe not the best idea. Believe me, I learned it the hard way. My little one would start crying and screaming and throwing his arms and legs every time I took him to the salon. Then my friend suggested that maybe I can try cutting his hair at home. He was much calmer though there were moments where I had to reassure him a couple of times.’ Suzan

5. Sweeten The Deal

Sweeten The Deal

‘I take my kid out for an ice cream every time we go to the hair salon. And she knows she will only be rewarded if she behaves well until the job gets done. But make sure these treats are reserved only for special occasions. My daughter now looks forward to getting her hair cut because she knows I’ll buy her ice cream after that.’ Supriya

If nothing works, give your child some time to cope with the idea of a haircut. It’s okay if your child sports shaggy hair for a while. After all, it’s better than fight, force, anxiety, and worse, accidents.

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