Observe Human Behavior

I spent a recent weekend with one of my clients and I had a great conversation that I wanted to share with all of you.

David: I’ve seen this for so long – and every single guy does this.

What do they do? They go from being whatever they were when they started (perhaps shy or introverted) to being way over the top.

What they forget along the way (on their journey to being way over the top) is to really listen to the other person when they are having a conversation.

You have great conversations, but what I saw last night (when you randomly approached that drunk women – and that’s all they were, just drunk, stupid women. The whole point of last night was NOT to approach and just to observe. I don’t know, but they all turned me off! Every single one of them – their behavior, the way they walked, talked, the way they carried themselves. They had so much negative energy – I didn’t like it at all.)

But you went up and you like announced yourself – like boom! I’m here! The fact of the matter is that you are much more Zen-like in your personality than that! You have to really tone it down a little bit and just observe more.

You’ve proven to yourself that you can walk up to everybody – great. That’s the first step that every guy needs to do. That’s where the over the top thing comes in.

Now, you need to say to yourself, I can approach anybody, congratulations, I know I can do it. Congratulate yourself and give yourself a really big pat on the back – it’s a big step.

Now you need to become really keen to everything that is going on in your environment. The reason why I didn’t really talk to anybody last night was that there was nobody there that was interesting to talk to – not one woman. None.

So today when we walk around, we’re all just going to work within our own environments. It is our environment that gives us the clues.

Don’t worry about missing a woman. If you miss one, that’s fine. You can’t have them all, because if you do, you go into pick up mentality and that’s really not attractive.

Do you remember Dragnet? It’s like, “here we are downtown in a city in the US. Five guys walking around picking up women…”

It really looks like that! It doesn’t look like five guys just having fun. It’s all about having fun and having a good time.

You just have to tone it down a little bit and go in there with what I call an action plan: what do you see?

I see it very quickly – I see it like THAT. You guys might see it in a minute. You’ll miss a few more opportunities but that’s okay. Eventually, you’ll see it in 50 seconds, then 40 seconds, then 30… and then you’ll start seeing it in an instant.

Observe, take in the environment, look around and see what’s going on around you. What do you see?

There are so many tourists out here today! This is far better than LA. LA is a great place – but here it’s mellower, more laid-back – there are endless amounts of people down here today.

July and August are tourist months here. That’s it. If you’re going to come to Seattle, you’re only going to come in July and August. That’s why this is great place to do this because it’s a target-rich environment.

Client: There’s the Danskin Triathlon tomorrow morning at 7:00 with 4,000 people!

David: That’s not fun at 7:00 am!

Todays video is a shocking one.

Have you ever opened a woman using dead bunnies?

This post was previously published on www.davidwygant.com and is republished here with permission from the author.

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