New Working Mom Nails Why Evenings Are the Hardest Part of Our Day

Bedtime can be a bittersweet moment for most working parents. On one hand, you finally have a couple hours for some much-needed me-time. On the other, because you’re away at your job all day, you want to savor all the time with your child that you can get.

Alex, an Idaho-based mom, perfectly captured these mixed sentiments in a recent Instagram post.

On her account @alexxmiles, she posted a heartwarming selfie holding her sleeping toddler, Tatum. The moment may seem picture-perfect, but as Alex wrote in the first line of her caption: “Being a working mom is freaking tough.”

She went on to describe why.

“Time is never in your favor. And some days are harder than others for coming to terms with that.”

At the end of a working day, the mom is often “mentally and physically exhausted.” But, she continued, “My first and most important job is just resuming for a few hours before bedtime, and impressing this boss is more important to me than anything else.”

After returning from maternity leave, Alex realized that her child is often just as tired as she is.

“By the time you pick your kid up,” she wrote, “They’re at the tail end of their day too and they’re done. I don’t always get the happy, goofy, sweet side of Tatum and oftentimes when I do, it’s short lived because bedtime is nearing.” ⁣

Still, Alex, who said she spends all day missing her youngster, knows the evening hours she has with her are precious. When the time she has with Tatum feels like it “isn’t even close to enough,” the mother strives every evening to create positive memories.

“I get to squeeze in a whole lot of kisses that she may not want, I get to play harder with her on the floor and cram one extra book into the night because she wants me to,” she wrote. “I wouldn’t trade these sleepy snuggles for the world. I love being this girl’s mama and I hope to make her proud to see the long days, hard days and hard work were all for her.”

Thanks, Alex, for putting into words what we all feel! Yes, evenings can be the most challenging part of the day for working mothers. But we’re so grateful to have them, because the memories we create with our kids during those hours together are so rewarding.

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