Most AMAZING Waterfalls in the World!!

Stay tuned to number 1 to find out which waterfall is actually made up of 275 individual falls!

If you had to ignore for a second all the problems of the world, the crime, the politics, the general peril of everyday living and of course the ongoing debate surrounding climate change, you may notice that we live on a pretty interesting planet, filled with natural beauties that are far better to look at than that next excel report you have to do.

Well look no further for your next travel plans as we explore the most amazing waterfalls in the world!

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if you had to ignore for a second all the problems of the world that Prime the

politics the general peril of everyday living and of course the ongoing debate
surrounding climate change you may notice that we live on a pretty
interesting planet filled with the natural beauties that are far better to
look at then the next Excel report you have to do well look no further for your
next travel plans as we explore the most amazing waterfalls in the world stay
tuned to number one to find out which waterfall is actually made up of two
hundred and seventy five individual Falls
number ten Iligan the city of majestic waterfalls here we are not looking at
one particular waterfall but rather a collection of them 23 to be exact
situated in the Philippines Iligan is actually one of the largest industrial
cities in the south of the Philippines not a trait typically shared with nature
and waterfalls luckily not far outside the city lies steep volcanic mountains
and the amazing waterfalls and springs that grant the city the name the city of
majestic waterfalls the most famous of these waterfalls are the maria cristina
falls on the aigis river also known as the twin falls due to there being two
separate torrents of water falling down the cliff face with a rocky outcrop
splitting it up into two at the top the tanaga Falls is another one of the main
attractions in the area known for its pool at the bottom which is perfect for
swimming after a day spent taking in all that the area has to offer
all in all it definitely deserves a spot on this list if not for its sheer beauty
and greenery then simply for quantity number nine to gala Falls South Africa
South Africa is already well known for its picturesque scenery and amazing
wildlife to draw a mature and experienced photographers alike to its
borders one such attraction is the two gala falls deep in the amazing
drakensberg mountains these Falls are the tallest in Africa and are ranked
second tallest in the world at over 3,100 feet tall to gala in the local
dialect means startling one and it’s a fitting name for the Falls if not just
for the sheer drops down the cliff face spin for the incredible views that greet
you from atop the Falls there are three different trails you can take to see the
Falls the first of these is best suited to more experienced hikers and takes you
on a trail up to the summit of monarchs sources this troll is relatively short
but requires you to climb two chain ladders which may be a bit daunting to
new climbers the second trip is considerably longer with a 14 mile hike
over relatively easy terrain which takes you along the river to the escarpment of
the Falls the last of these is a short hike
of only 4.5 miles and has a few river crossings as well as a small chain
ladder before reaching the summit and experiencing the amazing views of water
falling down the mountainside number eight the Fang
Colorado this waterfall is different from any other on the list because while
it is also seasonal like most others it’s not famous for its refreshing
Lagoon at the bottom or its beautiful scenery in fact during the summer it is
a perfectly average waterfall that doesn’t get too much more attention than
it deserves it’s actually the cold winter months that attract people to
this fall or more specifically to the perfect pillar of ice that it becomes
each winter what makes the Fang so special is that it is a plunge waterfall
meaning it flows very fast free falling into the water below and it doesn’t
touch any rock on its entire trip down which are very rare traits to find when
winter comes around the Fang freezes into a perfect 160 5 foot tall pillar of
freestanding ice making it an epic challenge for any ice climbers willing
to take it on number 7 Havasu Falls Arizona if you wanna ask someone what
was the biggest attraction Arizona has to offer they would probably respond it
is the Grand Canyon known worldwide for its awe-inspiring size it’s well
deserving of all of its attention did you know however that deep within
the canyon there is an oasis a beautiful and magical hidden gem that only the
tough can ever experience deep within the Grand Canyon lies the Native
American Havasupai tribe and the truly amazing Havasu Falls well they’re not
the widest or the tallest falls in the world they do require some incredible
effort and it’s well worth the reward unfortunately the Falls have grown in
popularity making it increasingly difficult to book a night at the lodge
that lies at the base of the canyon that may not sound so bad to some who might
consider making the twenty mile round trip hike in one day however this hike
takes place under the sweltering Arizona heat and while its
simple enough trail it’s a long and hot hike all the way down into the deep
canyon persevere through the heat though and you are rewarded with one of the
most amazing sights you will ever lay your eyes on the Havasu Falls with
incredible Bluegreen waters in the rivers and the lush thriving greenery
along the riverbed it’s a magical sight and definitely well worth a long hot
walk that it takes to get there so would you take the ten-mile hike to see the
Falls let us know in the comments below while you’re there be sure to hit that
subscribe button number six lengthe Sun Falls Norway
Norway is already one location that any major enthusiast should want to visit
with beautiful mountain ranges and enough green to make your head spin it
also contains city and river names that are really only pronounceable to the
locals in not really anybody else Norway is also considered the world’s
capital for waterfalls and contains nine of the 20 tallest waterfalls in the
world making it quite difficult to choose the best among them that is
unless you know about the length of Sun Falls situated on the side of an
unpronounceable mountain well by me anyway it has been named one of the most
beautiful waterfalls in the world in 2011 and it has rightfully obtained that
spot perhaps one of the best things about this particular waterfall is its
ease of access that is because there is a road running right across the bottom
of the Falls making it easy to find and more than well worth the visit with no
long and strenuous hikes to weed out the week before reaching them there are also
boardwalks and picnic spots along the side of the
waterfall where you can relax and have lunch while you take in the 250 foot
wide fall if you do eventually get tired of looking at this one waterfall there
are literally hundreds of other Falls in the area that you can look at so instead
of just one waterfall there’s a whole country’s worth for you to check out and
you’re welcome number five Niagara Falls New York and
Canada by far one of the most famous waterfalls on earth the Niagara Falls
are an amazing spectacle that attract bus
loads of tourists year-round the Niagara Falls also forms part of the landmarks
between Canada and the United States with the largest of the three Falls
landing exactly on the border both of the two other Falls the American Falls
and the bridal veil fall resides solely on the American side well at the Falls
and taking in the amazing spectacles you can also check out the Cave of the winds
and experience that promises to get you closer to the falls than you ever
thought possible by taking you 175 feet into the Niagara Gorge where you can
make your way on wooden planks to the hurricane deck here you will be within
feet of the base of the bridal veil falls and will be surrounded by a
hurricane like winds should that not quite be to your taste you can always
spend some time in the restaurant at the top of the Falls or in the interactive
photo gallery number 4 Kaieteur Falls Guyana what is better than combining
epic beauty with the fear of potential death if your answer is not much
then the Kaieteur Falls in South America is definitely the destination for you
the beauty side of this entry is of course the Falls themselves a spectacle
that can be up to 400 feet wide in the rainy season and it’s 820 feet high it’s
considered to be one of the most powerful waterfalls in the world due to
its massive freefall drop into the river below
unlike most other waterfalls it also is extremely private with tourists being
brought to the area by plane before making the hike to the top of the Falls
it’s an exclusive site and only a handful of Tours actually go out to
experience the unbelievable sights of the Falls and the beautiful untouched
forest around it leaving you in awe of this natural untouched portion of our
globe on the other hand there is also the danger I mentioned earlier when
you’re making your way to the viewpoint of the Falls the trail passes by the
home of the local and miniscule golden frogs these tiny frogs are poisonous and
can be fatal to humans so the moral of the story if you take your chances and
travel here keep your mouth closed and your hands to yourself
number three dead of FOSS Falls ice although Iceland is deceiving in its
name considering any tourist photos you seem to find are always of the greenest
landscapes you have ever laid your eyes on the dead of toast Falls are not as
lush as the area around it refer to by locals as the beasts the dead of toast
sits between extremely rough and rocky terrain a strange find in the famously
green landscapes Icelanders are accustomed to spanning 328 feet wide
with a 147 foot drop it is actually the rate at which the water is forced along
that makes these Falls so intimidating pushing an average of 14 thousand cubic
feet per second it makes it the most powerful waterfall in Europe and
definitely helps to earn the name the beast the dettifoss Falls are quite
easily accessible as the spray from the Falls create a rainbow bridge that can
clearly be seen from a few hundred feet away making it even easier to locate the
waterfall itself is not the only attraction in the area and the gore
surrounding it is also considered one of the most beautiful places in Iceland to
hike walking along the trails you will encounter two other waterfalls as well
as mythical anomalies like the Whispering rocks and the footprints of
Odin’s horse number two Angel Falls Venezuela no list of waterfalls will
ever be complete without mentioning Angel Falls found in Venezuela
it’s the undisputed tallest waterfall in the world and it is an amazing thing to
behold falling from the total height of 3,000 230 feet they are named after the
modern legend Jimmy angel who found the Falls back in 1933 while searching for
the fabled mccracken river of gold although it is an amazing spectacle to
behold the Falls are only worth a visit for a few months out of the year with
the dry season leaving them barely more than a stream flowing over the top of
the mountain during the months from December to April however the Falls are
flowing at full capacity and become the world-famous waterfall that draws in
thousands of tourists from around world every year it’s also during these
months that the Falls are so intense that they create their own weather
patterns and the mist from Angel Falls can be felt landing on your arm from up
to 3,000 feet away number one iguazu falls argentina and brazil unexpectedly
number one begins with the wife of america’s 26th president the great
people punching wild game hunting Theodore Roosevelt who supposedly said
two words upon visiting the iguazu falls those two words you ask or niagara
obviously she was relating how even the formidable niagara falls felled in
comparison to the astonishing magnificence of the iguazu falls
situated on the border of Argentina and Brazil the Falls are quite unlike any
other that you may have experienced this is evident not just in beauty but in
sheer visits receiving around 1 million visitors every year
created by 275 individual waterfalls that span across roughly 1.7 miles of
cliff face it is truly a wonder to behold on the argentinian side of the
falls there are rustic boardwalks that lead
you through most of the area the main attraction here however is the garganta
del diablo Falls or The Devil’s Throat it is made up of a curtain of 14 falls
in a horseshoe shape with a drop of around 262 feet into the churning water
below so why not plan a trip and go have your mind blown by the size and awe of
these Falls tell us which ones were your favorites below and take care

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