Mom’s ‘Whisper-Quiet’ Breast Pump Is Anything But Discreet, as Viral Post Proves

The struggle is real for moms on a quest to breastfeed or pump while at work or in public with (some) privacy. One solution is smaller or quieter pumps for a more discreet experience. Yet even that can present a whole other set of drawbacks and challenges as one mom from the social media website, Imgur, discovered. She posted a picture using a “whisper-quiet” pump that turned out to be anything but subtle.

“‘Pump anywhere,’ they said. ‘It’s whisper quiet, nobody will realize you’re pumping at all,’ they said,” the mom wrote in the photo’s caption. Her furrowed eyebrows and pursed lips show her annoyance with the not-so-unnoticeable pump under her shirt, emitting two shiny blue lights that essentially alert the world that yes, pumping is happening.

We feel for the new mom and her frustration as public breastfeeding and pumping is still bringing negative attention to nursing mothers. We’re still shocked by a story out of Texas that broke earlier this year where police were called on a mother who was breastfeeding her baby by a public pool. Those type of outrageous instances are why nursing mom desire unobtrusive breast pumps and pumping experiences. And why we can’t help but nod along and smile at the sarcastic and unimpressed tone of her viral post.

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