Moms on Twitter Shared Their Most Ridiculous and Tragic Medical Expenses

When Senator (I-Vermont) and Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders recently posed the question: “What Was Your Most Absurd Medical Bill?” over Twitter, moms all over the country flooded in their responses. Their answers were equal parts heartbreaking and infuriating. One woman revealed she was charged for TWO types of birth (vaginal and C-section, after she had her ONE son) Another was charged almost $100,000 for her daughter who was placed in NICU for two weeks.

The hospital still tried to charge this mother after she lost her daughter during a home birth.

This mother was a doctor at the hospital that charged her.

This father’s son spent over two months in the NICU.

It took this mom a year to only be charged for the SINGLE birth she had.

Everything else was covered, except the costs of surgery and the following required physical therapy.

This mom still had to shell out, even though the doctor didn’t show.

In this tragic case, having health insurance did not help.

What was likely a silly playground tumble turned into a huge bill.

“Just for a doctor walking in and out of her room twice a day.”

This father lost his son after he missed a $20 payment for a life-sustaining medication.

Whether you agree with Bernie’s proposed Medicare for All policy or not, it’s clear the U.S. healthcare system is prohibitively expensive, and often very confusing. The costs and accidental slip-ups from hospitals and policy providers have resulted in the deaths of children and millions of dollars in medical debt. In fact, it’s made some people fearful of going to the doctor at all, even if they are clearly sick or injured. The replies to Bernie’s tweet show that regardless of who takes the 2020 election, an overhaul to the healthcare system is priority.

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