Moms Are Cracking Up Over These Men’s Cluelessness on What ‘R’ on Tampons Means

A new thread is reminding us all that there are still plenty of men who know little about periods and menstrual products, and it’s pretty darn entertaining.

It all started earlier this week when Evan J Worthen, aka @harambevan, tweeted the following.

Clearly, dude was joking, as he later revealed in another post that his girlfriend “approved the above shitty content” before he tweeted it.

Nevertheless, it was enough for Twitter to do its magic, making the tweet go viral and sparking a hilarious thread featuring women who asked their boyfriends what they thought the “R” on tampon wrappers meant.

Here’s a sampling of their responses.


Def not.


Yes, because tampon companies benefit when they joke about customers’ PMS on the packaging.

No, pirates were likely not involved in the packaging of tampons.

Video game companies and tampon companies go hand in hand.

Some guys, however, correctly guessed what the “R” meant to the surprise of their loved ones.

This one went above and beyond.

Let’s all just take this as a reminder that the next time we have to send our boyfriends or husbands on emergency tampon runs, they might need some extra guidance.

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