Mom Who Left Work at 2 Because of Kids: ‘The Best Perk Is Treating People Like Adults’

Finding the best perks to create a happy, productive work environment for employees is a hot topic of conversation. Many companies are looking beyond PTO and 401K plans—some offer flexible hours or covered transportation costs, while others have in-office yoga classes and employee discounts at local chains.

Ultimately, though, all employers should be trying to find the best benefits to retain employees of all walks of life. Christine Tao, co-founder and CEO of Sounding Board, and a mom of two, pointed out on LinkedIn that, despite employers’ intentions being in the right place, most companies are overlooking the best perk of all: treating employees like adults.

Christine recently attended a panel at a work summit about employee benefits and noted something major she thought they missed.

“Here’s some food for thought. Treat your employees like adults and allow them to manage their own time. Create a culture that allows people to integrate their personal and professional lives. And make sure your executives and leaders model this openly – not hiding doctor and family appointments behind private calendars,” Christine wrote. Her post has garnered nearly 20,000 reactions and over 400 comments.

In an age where attracting talent is as competitive as ever, we appreciate her simple, often overlooked proposal. After all, does anyone really need a ping-pong table at the office more than they need time to go to the doctor?

Many employers forget that working parents—an overwhelming majority of employees—might seek different perks than other employees. Even though some workers would appreciate a discounted gym membership, all employees would benefit from a little more responsibility in managing their own schedule. The mom ended the post with the snark we all needed to hear.

“You’d be amazed how much further this goes than having kombucha on tap.”

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