Mom Receives ‘Put Him On a Diet’ Note in Son’s Lunchbox After Daycare

Writing notes to put in our little ones’ lunch boxes is an age-old tradition that never seems to fail. It’s a sure way to help mom feel good about not seeing our children through the day and let our children know we’re thinking of them. So, when they’re still too young to read, parents often write a note for the daycare provider to share with their kiddo.

Texas mom Francesca thought writing a note was the perfect way to help her 5-year-old son adjust to a few dietary changes she made in his lunchbox. The note asked the daycare provider to let him know she was thinking of him and that ‘mommy loves him so much.’ A sweet sentiment to help her son enjoy his lunch and get through the day.

Understandably, Francesca was shocked that not only was the note returned, but also included a nasty response. In black marker, a daycare worker wrote: “No! Put him on a diet and go away!

Rightfully, Francesca was furious. A diet? For a 5-year-old? In what way was this response necessary? Francesca told KTRK that her son had been attending Rocking Horse Day Care in Kingwood, Texas for three years and had never had an issue. She was in disbelief when reading the note.

“I do everything in my power to build my son up and make him feel good about himself because he is amazing,” Francesca told KTRK. “It took a minute to register what I even saw, and I just kept re-reading it and I just stood there for a minute.”

Francesca notified the daycare about the incident and the director immediately apologized. After a short investigation, the employee, who admitted to writing the message, was fired. The employee said they never intended for the mom to see what they had written.

“The thing that upset me the most is this is bullying,” Francesca said. “To know a grown-up, who knows how hard life is and how mean people can be, can say something like that, especially about a child, is—they’re sick. There’s something wrong.”

Francesca is currently looking for a new daycare for her son. We know how hard it is to find someone you trust to watch your children while you’re at work, so we’re glad this individual was fired and hope mama can find a new daycare that treats her little one how he deserves.

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