#Metoo: How Should Men Respond?

#MeToo has seen women around the world sharing their experiences with sexual harassment and sexual assault. Now two other hashtags have grown in response, and these are about experiences on the other side of #MeToo.

With #IHave and #IDidThat men who have harassed or assaulted women publicly confess to this. But we argue that this doesn’t do women or the whole point of #MeToo any good. These hashtags take the focus away from actually listening to women’s experiences, and are deeply problematic on a host of levels.

Host: Nas aka Nastaran Tavakoli-Far

Co-producer: Cady Voge

Guest: Lucy, guest from the episode on Men and Feminism

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A version of this post was previously published on radiopublic.com and is republished here with permission from the author.


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