By Daniel Ortiz

Ima a pico union resident
My own melody came and went
Slanging drugs to help my mama pay the rent
Doing sh__ she will never consent
Fighting my withdrawal within
Walking thru broken dreams left as statements
Looking at my homie’s house that’s vacant
Due to lack of payment
Cause his brother’s a cancer patient
Due to drug engagement
Used as entertainment
His mother begging to God to save him
But that’s what you expect in the hood
Before you leave knock on wood
Life’s been misunderstood
And school’s bull nothing’s understood
Guess it’s all on me
Cause these streets raised me
Ever since a baby
That’s why I’m crazy
Taught to never be lazy
Walking thru the hood with the one eight navy
Taking drugs on the daily
Seeing more and more homies acting shady
Some I see hit their own lady
In front of their babies
But the way a man lives is how a man dies
Now my boy green eyes doing 25 to life
Cause he sliced his wife with a kitchen knife
Now he’s inside
And what I spit ain’t no lie
Like they say an eye for an eye
The homies gave him advice
His wife could’ve still been alive
He could’ve been out teaching his boy how to take flight
And laughing with his daughter and living bright
But a gs life is hard to define
Cause most of the world got us declined
Taking cover running from ice
Due to drive-by crimes
And gang signs
Cause in the world you need a burner to survive
It’s the only way to stay alive and thrive
While I see young thugs cry
I can see my arm full of ink
It clusters my minds it’s hard to think
I believe some 1s going to the other side with me
So I grab a king cobra and take a drink
Take some meth cause I hate to blink
My homie’s death flashes thru my eyes
But his death wasn’t a surprise
Due to slanging dark at night
He knew 18 got no allies
We didn’t even get to say our goodbyes
Now I’m gripping my 9mm pistol
Cause the homie 8lest down the street don’t need a whistle
He’ll blast quick as a missile
With the loaded chisel
For the homies that are buried
We do it for chu chu facing the judicial
The government sees him as a beneficial
Trying to take his every nickel
He did it for the homies who are locked away
And for our brothers who have passed away
He put the enemy in his grave
I know he can’t sleep
But prison is destined to be
The homie’s lost his melody
His own family hates who he came to be
Now he stands high
with a tear drop chin up to the sky
He’s facing a first degree murder case
I know his mom always says grace
Cause no son can be replaced
His siblings see him as a disgrace
But I know times get hard
Life’s just about playing the right cards
So I take a shot of Hennessey
If you don’t believe
Come to Hoover and see
That bullets and corrupt cops is what you’ll receive
That’s why only a small number ever really achieve
Most just give up and bang the 5th letter
But now that I rap I’m getting closer than ever
Still with my gangster image
Pockets full of spinach
It’s on me to make sure the family eats
Trust ima make it out of these bloody streets
Somewhere with no cracked concrete
Ima do it for divix who has E.I.P
destroying these beats
Cause it’s all on me
Either he comes back
To stop me cause I’m on the same track
Dressed in all black
Trying to flip my money so I can stack
With my inside feelings cracked
Every day I’m losing more and more of my melody
Life has become hell to me
With all this jealousy
Today is history
But tomorrow’s a mystery
Cause God is testing me
When I leave this world I wanna leave in victory
Without all this misery
Just picture me
In a world without artillery
No more cemeteries
Homie just picture me
Finally with my own melody


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