Man Mistakes Colleague’s Maternity Leave as a ‘Sabbatical’ and Twitter Isn’t Having It

There are some people who just don’t appreciate the difficulty of giving birth, and then raising and devoting basically the rest of your life to your tiny human. Emily Ramshaw, mother and editor at the Texas Tribune, tweeted a prime example of this fundamental misunderstanding of parenthood.

While at a coffee shop recently, Emily heard a man complaining to a woman, who she later understood was his coworker. “It was just really hard to get in touch with you when you were on sabbatical,” the man said. The woman he was talking to seemed puzzled.

“Sabbatical?” she replied. “Oh, you mean my maternity leave?”

Cue crickets at the coffeeshop, and a whole lot of angry reactions on Twitter. Emily wrote that listening to the exchange left her “blood boiling.” These were some of our favorite responses to her retelling of the conversation.

Of course she was hard to get in touch with. That was the point.

This woman’s coworkers asked her about her “vacation” when she came back from maternity leave.

Just so we’re clear.

At best, this guy is just completely clueless with what’s going on at his office.

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