Lifelong Learning

Many of these people have worked for years, gave the maximum in their everyday lives in many different fields, raised children; and even after fulfilling these challenging tasks they had enough enthusiasm to return to school.

When I think of these people, I feel envious. I envy the willpower, the thirst for knowledge and the effort to achieve more. We can call them itchy, moreover, there are certainly people who laugh at them but in this case, the critics are the only ones who can feel ashamed.

Enthusiasm; however, does not go hand in hand with confidence. Although your confidence, just like many other things, depends only on your attitude. I know it sounds cliché-like but only we can decide upon how we feel. Only the love and respect for ourselves can give us the power to face the unknown.

Remember: people treat you the way you let them, you set the borders.

This post was previously published on Joseph Felfoldi and is republished here with a Creative Commons license.

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