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The key to having a relaxing, fun filled vacation is preparation, planning, and careful, meticulous attention to detail.

The key to having a relaxing, fun-filled vacation is preparation, planning, and careful, meticulous attention to detail. It is no fun to get to ski slopes and find that you had packed cargo shorts, tank tops, a swimsuit and sunscreen. Of course, it would save a lot of pain, and potential injury, possible death, but it might force you to move the television into the bathroom so you can put on your swimsuit and set in the tub, pretending to be on a tropical resort island. However, by the time you get your wife and three kids, and your in-laws crammed in there it might get a little tense. A situation best avoided, considering how the in-laws feel about your already. So, just pack correctly.

Packing correctly for a week-long trip to the Smoky Mountains, for me, involves laying out enough clothes for about a month and a half, so my wife can go through and say things like “you are not taking that.” “What shirt did you plan to wear with these?” and a personal favorite, “where did you unearth this ancient thing?” And then she will grab all of the clothes, in her dainty, delicate, lovely arms, carry them out to the dumpster, hop in her car, and forty five minutes later will come back with a brand new suitcase filled with brand new clothes, a tank full of gas, and some ribs to throw on the grill. And I am packed and ready to go.

This approach is not for everyone, and please remember results may vary, but it works for me.

Make sure you have plenty of drinks on ice, cola, bottled water, and tea are good choices. A supply of snacks is a good idea as well, maybe some chips, and pretzels, peanuts, and beef jerky are wonderful and tasty. You will need to know where all of the rest areas are you will need them. Here is a good place to find them, Wow, you can “rest” almost everywhere.

Get a good nights sleep, eat a good breakfast, and jump in the car, don’t worry that you left the iron, and almost every light in the house, on, and the water running in the bathroom, and your lawn will grow faster than it ever has before, and the camera is sitting right beside your glasses, wallet, and the only key you have to get back into your house just go, have a good time, you deserve a vacation.

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