Let Us Dance in Peace

I participated in a huge movement as the government here, via its police force, has been shutting down festivals and gatherings that have all the necessary permissions to hold them, denying the people they right to self expressionism and release pent up energy through dance (and boy, is there some pent up energy here!).

Long-going festivals such as the 30-year-old Doof, Mid-Burn (the Middle Eastern wing of Burning Man) and many others have all adhered to police, fire and medical demands onsite. They have all the necessary permissions to hold a safe gathering of people without judgement or regards to race, colour or religion. Millions have been invested in the setups and to fly in and put up the best DJs and bands to raise the vibration levels.

But it wasn’t enough. The police shut down The Doof, a staple in the history of raves and one of the founding fathers of cultural-changing movements in the scene just days before it was set to kick-off.

It was the equivalent of shutting down Boom Festival a minute before opening the gates. In Germany, the people fought back and won against the police who tried to shut down Fusion Festival. In North America, Burning Man is in danger of being burned out. In Australia, huge festivals such as Rainbow Serpent and Byron Blues Festival have been targeted. Other festivals such as Dragon Dreams, set to celebrate 10 years of music in it’s 2019, was shut down.

Governments have realised that these gatherings, huge movements of thousands of people (60,000 attend Burning Man and Boom) raise awareness and consciousness among the masses – and no, it’s not all about drugs and sex. And major studies have shown that psychedelia opens our minds when used correctly. It brings about love, unity, compassion, evaporating hate and judgement.

Governments fear that we’ll no longer be distracted by the continuous military actions, outrageous crimes of murder, horrific rapes, spreading hatred through religion and segregation, shutting down our minds by forcing us to be enslaved to money, pushing to warp our views that we need, want and must have things that we really don’t need, want or must have.

Last Thursday’s protest, under the banner ‘Tnu Lirkod B’Sheket’ (In Hebrew meaning, Let Us Dance in Peace) turned out to be one of the largest, peaceful protests in the land as 50,000 beautiful souls of all colours, race, religions, every background imaginable, young and old united together to take a stance against the oppressors with the biggest DJs and musos in the scene.

For five hours 50,000 people danced peacefully in Rabin Square surrounded by police forces. At the end, we left just as we came – peacefully – but not before picking up all of the trash, leaving the square empty of any proof that 50,000 people stomped the grounds, shaking Tel Aviv’s below ground parking spaces.

And not a word about it in the media.




One of the biggest and most peaceful protests in the history of Israel and the media refused to cover any aspect of it. How does a movement of 50,000 people just not show up on the media’s radar? Coincidence?

Oh, no. This was oppression at it’s best.

The sad irony is that when Israel was declared independent British colonisation, the people hit the streets and danced. When Jerusalem was liberated, the people hit the streets and danced. When it’s Eurovision representatives won the contest, it’s people hit the streets and danced. When it’s sports representatives returned with championship titles, they hit the streets and danced.

And all this at the very square where, in 1995 a 100,000 strong crowd rallied for peace, rallied against hate, rallied for the end of conflict. And at the end of that same rally, the very man who would have brought it all about was assassinated resulting the square being re-named from Kings of Israel Square to Rabin Square, the people continue to show up to dance, continue to fight for their right against the oppressors.

We won’t stop. You can’t kill our music. You can’t stop our feet. You can’t shut us up cause we’ll sing and dance to the most powerful beat – our open hearts.

If we don’t rise up and collectively raise the conscious levels of those in power, the future will be unconscious, silent, gray, mainstream and robotic. We must all unite.

Together, we can spread the word via our own awakened media. Don’t fear the power you have as you have more than you know.

And never let anyone deny you the right to dance.

Previously published on Stambayam


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