Kids’ Hilarious Comments About Body Parts Is the Best Thread on Reddit Now

As your babies grow into toddlers and eventually into “big” kids, watching them discover new words and things about themselves can be fascinating, and in some cases, downright hilarious. A Reddit mom, who goes by the username SlothPopsicle, shared a perfect example of the latter through a story about her 2-year-old son loudly passing his recently acquired knowledge of body parts to an elderly woman in public.

While braving a Walmart trip with him and his 4-year-old sister, the mom was approached by an older woman who commented on her “cute and sweet” little ones and mentioned that her great-grandchildren were around their ages.

What happened next is truly priceless.

The OP wrote that her son “decided to immediately shut this elderly lady’s kind remark down by pointing down to his zipper and yelling, ‘I HAVE A PEEEEEEENISSSS’ followed by, ‘AND BESTICLES,'” which left the elderly woman in shock. The Redditor and her daughter, meanwhile, had a good laugh out of the proclamation and mispronunciation.

Unknown: whether the older woman recovered from the announcement.

The post currently has over 900 upvotes and the comments section is filled with parents and other family members sharing similar sidesplitting anecdotes. We’re sure any parent who’s raised a child past the toddler stage can relate to dealing with these comments, which are rooted in adorable innocence.

What is it about shopping that triggers young kids to shout stuff about body parts?

“Reminds me of the time we were waiting in line at Walmart and my 5-year-old says loudly, ‘MOM DOES YOUR BOOB STILL HURT?’ I had overdone my workout and my pecs were sore. But try explaining that in a Walmart line,” wrote user LittleChiliBabies.

“One time in Target my husband quietly whispered to me that his ‘butt hurt,’ and what did my 2-year-old do? ‘DADDY’S BUTTHOLE HURTS’ as loud as he could. Repeatedly. It was hilarious,” Reddit mom monarchsugar said.

The kids in these Redditors’ lives were hysterically curious about nursing and childbirth.

“During school shopping last week at Walmart, my toddler said very loudly, ‘THE BABY IS GONNA SUCK ON YOUR NIPPLES WHEN HE COMES OUT RIGHT?’ Ugh, there were three other folks in the aisle. Kids,” wrote Reddit mom MadameMalia.

“My daughter loudly exclaimed that a baby was sucking on its mummy’s boo-boos while we were in a cafe once. I quietly told her that she used to do that too and was met by an utterly shocked expression from my then 2-year-old,” user AndieRayy commented.

“This reminds me of the time we were in the seafood department with my then 3-day-old. This woman came up to my 2-and-a-half-year-old and was like, ‘Aww, you must love being a big sister!’ And my oldest said, ‘Yeah! SHE CAME OUT OF MOMMY’S VAGINA!’ I just shrugged. Being 2 is fine,” wroter user L0udmilk.

Redditor shmoonicorn described a situation in which her son confused the names of two very different body parts.

“On his 4th birthday I took him for a haircut. When he sat down in the chair, the lady looked at him and said, ‘You have the most beautiful dimples!’ He looked at her quizzically and lifted his shirt because he thought she was complimenting him on his beautiful nipples.”

In this case, the child continually mistakes a body part name for a food.

“My 4-year-old daughter pronounces it as ‘peanuts,’ so she often gets a look of confusion when I offer peanuts for a snack.”

Redditor Karmagirl1 thinks that her 5-year-old daughter should’ve known better than to make this hilarious comment.

“At the doctor’s office, her pediatrician drew what she said her uvula (tiny ball thingy in back of throat) looks like. My daughter’s for some reason is shaped like a ‘W,’ called a bifid uvula. So anywho, my daughter took one look at her pediatrician’s drawing and blurts out while laughing like crazy, ‘My uvula looks like a penis!’ I wanted to crawl in a hole. Lol.”

Just one day after learning about differences between male and female body parts, Redditor yjohnson259’s then 5-year-old-sister did this while her family was shopping for a camper.

“At the lot she runs up to a sales associate, and yells at him ‘You’re a guy, so you have balls and a wenis.’ We left and got a camper from somewhere else.”

What can you do but laugh? And maybe leave.

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