Just Another Night (With My Daughter)

Just Another Night

Last night my daughter
gave me a hug
because I told her I was through
with volleyball for another season.
She had missed me on Tuesday nights.
She told me what she wanted
to do with me,
watch her favorite show and
then play some games.

we watched her favorite show
but we did not play a game
like she said she wanted to do.
Maybe tomorrow night
when her favorite show isn’t on.


Yesterday, as I read
my daughter her nightly story,
she told me she was glad
that her bed wasn’t as big as
the bed my wife and I use
because that gave her more
room for playing.

My daughter, at age six,
and me, in my forties,
our types of playing are quite different,
yet, I am quite happy
with the size of my bed
and the games
my wife and I play on it.

It is nice that
my daughter and I are both satisfied
with the size of our beds.
One small thing that is right
in this world of ours.


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