Jomboy on Baseball: Carrying Your Bat to First Base, World Series Edition

Baseball analyst and fan, Jomboy, takes us through one of the most memorable moments of the World Series – Alex Bregman and Juan Soto’s dueling home run trots

One of the most memorable moments of this past World Series was the dueling one-up-manship of the Astros Alex Bregman and Nationals Juan Soto after home runs that they hit in Game 6 of the World Series. Neither young star is lacking in confidence.

While this exchange turned the stomachs of traditional baseball purists like George Will, others love the in-the-moment exuberance and swagger of young studs crushing it on the largest stage.

Here is Jomboy, who captured and broke down those moments:

P.S. – We miss baseball!

Photo Credit: YouTube/Jomboy Media (screen cap)

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