Join These Campers for Another Adventure in ‘Surprise Under the Stars’

Watch as they work together to earn a special badge, and the sights the see along the way

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Follow these friends on another journey in ‘Surprise Under the Stars’

I was pretty impressed by the last Creature Campers book. Meeting these unique campers, and this one of a kind camp was a lot of fun. At first it seemed like they might have a tough time getting along, but this proved not to be true at all. When I heard about Surprise Under the Stars I couldn’t wait to read it. I was able to get a digital copy of this book and here is what I thought of it.

You can read the plot for Surprise Under the Stars here:

The Creature Campers are back for another adventure! To pass their map and compass skills test, they must find their way to a hidden spot in the forest, where a picnic feast awaits!

Follow Norm the Bigfoot and his friends as they brave a swampy lake, a scheming creature collector, and a starry night surprise to get to their deliciously sweet reward—and learn the true meaning of teamwork and trust.

I had a great time reading this book. These campers get asked to do a challenging task, and are promised a sweet reward once it gets finished. They think it will be a piece of cake, but it ends up being harder than they thought. Things only get tougher when a mysterious creature collector tries to capture them. When they end up in a bad situation, these campers decide to help them out. As this book comes to an end, they make it to the end of their task, and share this tasty treat together. If you liked the last Creature Campers book then you will want to read this one.

Creature Campers ‘Surprise Under the Stars’ comes out tomorrow. You can pre-order this book on Amazon, at Barnes and Noble and on Indiebound.

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