‘Job Search Red Flags’ Post Nails What’s So Wrong About Companies’ Cultures

Everyone has different boundaries and expectations when it comes to work, but there are certain phrases used in interviews and job descriptions that should make everyone’s alarm bells start ringing.

Jennifer Kim, a startup advisor based in the Bay Area, ignited a thread of career-related red flags on Twitter and LinkedIn after she saw a similar thread detailing dating red flags. These phrases are a good sign you should head for the hills—and illustrate the toxic culture at far too many companies nowadays.

Here are some of the most compelling red flags to look out for in your next job search.

A lack of diversity combined with bro culture is never good.

Beware unrealistically high expectations.

The email comment is too real.

A “socioarchy” sounds totally dystopian.

And good luck ever getting promoted.

This is a great question to ask current employees.

It’s all about how you frame customer service.

And actual family does not come first.

We’re glad Jennifer started such an important conversation. Everyone deserves to work in a comfortable and supportive environment, regardless of the position they hold in the company. Have you experienced any of these job red flags, or worse?

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