Jaime Pressly Admits She Has a Favorite Child, and People Are Freaking Out

If you grew up with siblings then at some point you had to have thought that your parents had a favorite child. Even if Mom and Dad never admitted it, they likely gave clues about which kid they preferred the most based on the subtle differences in relationships.

Still, it’s something parents prefer not to talk about, especially out of fear of hurting their other kids’ feelings. Which is why actress Jaime Pressly’s recent Instagram post has so many people shook.

Jaime, who has three sons—Dezi, 12, who she shares with Eric Cubiche, and twins Lenin and Leo, 1, who she shares with boyfriend Hamzi Hijazi—made a startling admission in a photo she posted with her eldest, flat out referring to him as her “favorite.”

“Best time ever hangin’ with my favorite son, Dezi. That’s right I said it,” she wrote as a caption. “I have a favorite son although I love all three of my boys with everything I have in me. Dez and I have a special bond that no one else will ever match because we’ve grown up together. #firstborn #iloveyou.”

Did she just—?

Yes. Yes, she did.

In the comments, many were concerned that such a public revelation might hurt her other boys’ feelings one day. “I really truly hope that this is not how you really feel. If so, why use social media to make your other children feel bad. Please tell me this is a joke. Signed, one of six. Not the favorite😥,” wrote one user. Another commented, “I would not ever say this for fear that my other children would feel invalid and not valued. I’m sure parents have a favorite, but we don’t need to broadcast it. It could be emotionally damaging to your other children.”

There were plenty of supportive replies too. One user admitted her favorite child is “whoever is not working my nerves at the moment,” and that sometimes the favorite is both, one or none. The user also advised Jaime to not let herself be mom-shamed, and reminded her that what she said was “real.” Another said Jaime shouldn’t feel bad about feeling closest with one son, writing, “You have an individual relationship with each child. They are all your loves but the relationships will always be different with each one. No shame in that.”

Several shared that they found the actress’s admission to be refreshing. “I don’t believe any mom that says they don’t have a favorite. I love my kids the same, but my littlest Red is my fave. We are so much alike and we have a special bond,” wrote one parent. Meanwhile, a fellow commenter wrote, “All us parents have our favorite even though we would give anything for all our kids. It’s nice to see people openly say it instead of denying it! Although, if the other two read this in the future you could have a little problem.”

Although Jaime’s most recent “favorite son” post is getting attention now, this isn’t the first time she’s taken to Instagram to share how much she adores her eldest.

But if you scroll through her Instagram, it’s clear that she shows love to ALL her children.

As we reported back in 2018, a study published in the Journal of Consumer Psychology suggests parents really do have a favorite child. So even though some people might not agree with Jaime openly admitting it on social media, science is on her side!

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