It’s Time to Show Our Appreciation. Happy Mother’s Day

To all mothers out there, thank you.It has been a blessing to see my mother every day for the past three months under lockdown. When life was still the way it was before the global pandemic, I only get to see my mother on weekends. On Mondays to Fridays, I leave the house for school at 6 am, while my mother is still asleep. At 11 am, she would get ready for work. School ends at 5 pm for me, and I would arrive home by 6 pm. 11 pm would be the time my mother reach home, and I would be fast asleep by then. This routine repeats itself for another five days of the week.

Finally, Saturday has arrived.

“Mom? Are you awake?”

No response.

I called out again.

Still no response.

I looked around the house, and there is not a single soul around.

Breakfast was on the table, with a note underneath it.

Dear daughter, I would be away for the weekend. If there’s an emergency, I’ll be in the office. Please take care of yourself. Love you, Mom.

Weekends are supposed to be her rest days, yet she went to work to earn extra income for the family. It would mean she’s working for seven days a week non-stop.

All mothers are heroines. They are willing to do anything in exchange for what’s best for us. Yet, we take them for granted. Their frequent nagging annoys us; we hate it. Whatever advice they give us, we don’t listen. We think it’s better to venture out to the world ourselves and experience life on our own. We don’t want spoilers.

Mothers play a massive role in our lives. They are the ones who brought us into this world, and they are the ones who are going to be with us through thick and thin in life.

We often forget to be grateful for what we have in life, a chance to breathe and live for another day. You’ll never know how it feels to be a mother until you become one yourself. By then, it might to too late to thank your mother for being part of your life the entire time.

Mothers are our greatest supporters of all time. They even tolerated our rebellious teenager phase when we were 16. Not everyone has that patient to deal with rebellious teenagers, but they did it. Even when we push them away, they are still by our side and ready to lend a listening ear and a shoulder for us to cry on.

Do you hate it when your mother stalks you on social media? Honestly, I hate it. But think about it, they are trying to stay connected to us, by following us on Instagram. Mothers feel like they are no longer part of our lives, but they are trying to connect with us virtually. We don’t seem to have time for them anymore.

Mothers want the best for us but have we ever thought of what’s best for them? All they ever wanted is a word of appreciation from us. They want to feel appreciated and loved by us, their children. How long would it take to say something that would make them smile? A few seconds.

Mothers hide their feelings in front of us. She might be looking fine on the outside, but deep inside, she’s bothered by work. They put up a tough front for us, to lessen our burdens and not worry about too many things. They have feelings too, but they choose not to show it.

A mother loves unconditionally. They celebrate our little wins in life and grief our losses with us. There’s nothing like our mother’s love for us.

“A mother’s love for her child is like nothing else in the world. It knows no law, no pity, it dares all things and crushes down remorselessly all that stands in its path.” — Agatha Christie

There is nothing like knowing your mother still loves you after, despite all that you’ve done to her. It’s heartwarming to know that at the end of the day, there is always someone who cares for you and whom you can count on.

Make you mother smile this Mother’s Day. Show them you love them, you appreciate them for all the things you’ve done for them. Write a note or cook something simple. Give her a big bear hug today. An act of love doesn’t have to be big; it’s the thought that counts.

To all mothers, thank you for staying in our lives, and we love you.

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