It’s Not Just Gun Control. It’s Also ‘Who’s Your Daddy?’

Newscasters, get your act together. Forget about gun control for a minute and focus on fathers. Let’s turn the media to the relationships mass murderers have had with their fathers. These men have lived life feeling excluded and without protection from their fathers’ emotional distance.

Anyone who kills strangers has suffered trauma so powerful they have lost track of their compassion. Because they haven’t felt connected to a compassionate man, mass murderers are expressing rage at a world which hasn’t yet helped them manage their sense of exclusion.

The ultimate exclusion we typically conjure as humans is death. Bringing death to innocent people is for mass murderers a way to reach out for attention and express anger at the lack of love in their lives. Scratch the surface just a little bit to go into the development of mass murderer mentalities and you’ll find boys whose fathers have themselves been emotionally deprived and mismanaged.

Mass murderers have not experienced the courageous presence of fathers who have tolerated their own emotional pain enough to communicate it in words and healthy relationship. The fathers of mass murderers are the purveyors of emotional pain so powerful it turns upon ending life as the solution rather than using life to heal itself.

How does life heal itself? Through the awareness that there is an illness causing pain. Turn the news to profiling fathers whose sons have become mass murderers.


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