Installing Replacement Windows in an Old Home

Here are essential things you must understand about replacement windows if you are planning to carry out a window replacement project.

There is just something mesmerizing about older homes. From wooden windows and doors to the high ceiling, to beautiful fixtures, these homes are antique sight everyone would want to keep admiring. However, as with any structure, some components in older homes such as windows and doors fail and need replacements. Installing new replacement windows and doors makes them look new again and comfortable to live.

However, one of the challenges that you may face when you decide to install new windows in an older home is deciding which windows to remove. You may not be able to know whether it is the windows that allowing water to get into your room, or it is the cracks on the walls. Of course, if correctly installed, windows can last for many years. However, though they may serve you for years, nothing lasts forever. So, if you have decided to remove your old windows and install new replacement windows, here are vital things you should understand. Take a peek.

1. Should Replace My Windows That Are Over 100-Years Old?

Here is the truth, window units on homes that were built in the 1950s will, without a doubt, be great and better compared to any replacement windows you may find in the market today. They are manufactured from strong and clean wood, and with an excellent craft. That is why these windows have managed to last for many decades. However, that might not be the case with most homeowners.

Some windows in older homes might be poorly managed and in poor condition that might be a threat to the occupants. Of course, this is not the only issue that homeowners with older homes face; there are other issues.

Therefore, the choice of whether to get rid of your old windows and install the new ones will depend on their present condition, what you need, and their impact on the security of your home.

So, when should you consider window replacement? Here are some things you should observe;

  • Rotting Walls- windows that allow moisture to get into the surrounding walls can cause considerable damage to your home with time. This may affect the structural integrity of your home. I.e., rot and water damage makes your structure vulnerable to strong winds and storms that might bring the entire structure down.

The worst thing is that if the rot is occurring between the walls and the windows frame, it can go unnoticed for decades. While the structure might appear strong, and neglect some water impacts, the water penetrates, and you realize it when your structure is already weak. The only way you can find out this problem is by getting rid of the windows altogether and installing the new replacement windows.

That way, you will also repair the window frame and damaged walls.

  • Aesthetic Consideration- you might have done some renovations on your old home over the last few years to improve the aesthetic appeal of your home. Though those changes might have seemed to work, they are not matching well with your old windows. If you are trying to improve the look of your home and the only thing that is making you not to achieve that is your windows, it makes sense to consider window replacement with new units. Opting for more contemporary styles of windows will create a more cohesive appeal, especially if you have already out the other repairs in your home.
  • Emergency Egress Requirements– according to the International Residential Code, all the residential homes should have at least one emergency egress window. This should be in all sleeping rooms. This window is supposed to be used as an emergency exit in case of a fire breakout. The space should also allow firefighters to get into your room when needed.

Considering this code was initiated in 2015, older homes may not meet this requirement. In this case, a homeowner has no option rather than to install new replacement windows in rooms used for sleeping.

2. How Much Will It Cost To Replace The Windows?

The cost of window replacement will depend on various things, one being the type of windows to be used for replacements.

For instance, replacing a single vinyl window will cost you between $450-$600. For wooden windows, it will cost you between $800-$10000. Those are average costs, but this cost will vary.

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