iCoolGoods: Modern Gift-Giving and Beyond

Business, life, and technology are evolving at a rapid pace, and the quality of gifts that are given to the ones we love need to keep up. For men, this means thinking outside the box and leaves you to wonder at how you can make meaning in all that you say and do this year.

The first step to engaging this fluid modern lifestyle is to figure out how you can express your truest sentiments in the midst of all of your commitments. iCoolGoods, a modern-day and futuristic tech-gifting company, has a mission to get the people that matter most to you the best of today’s and tomorrow’s lifestyle technology and a vision to ensure that its every use is special. Read below to discover how iCoolGoods can update your tech gift giving so your loved ones and prized employees are surrounded by your gratitude at every turn.

The Technological Modern

If the old school man was characterized as firm, obsessively task-oriented, and hardworking, then his gifts fit the time in which he lived. Since the modern man is characterized as expressive, discerningly people-centered, and healthily productive, then his gifts should be as up-to-date as he is. iCoolGoods’ selection of modern tech products features innovations that apply to every personal and professional setting, and even the space between. Some of their popular all-around useful and astounding items are their Magnetic Self-Stirring Mug featuring automatic PTFE rotor technology, Semi-Automatic Car Cover, and Scandinavian-designed wireless table speaker. Expertly designed and built from the most reliable materials, there’s a technologically advanced yet everyday necessary tech product for you and yours.

Before your gift-giving aspirations become suspicious of a tech gift like the ones above sounding “too good to be true”, take a closer look at the Scandinavian-inspired CoolGeek Small Round Table Bluetooth Speaker:

360° of Surround Sound Stereo -The circumferential, dynamic loudspeaker and passive radiator immerse any listener in crisp, clear sound

Bluetooth Capabilities – Built-in Version 4.2 Bluetooth capabilities keep strong connection with devices up 10 meters away

Wireless Charging – The tabletop contains a built-in charging module to wirelessly charge all of your devices

The Table Above All Tables – Durable wood, sound-enabling cloth, sturdy construction, and 8 hours of battery life from a single 2-hour charge successfully combine technological innovation, daily living, and professional-grade furniture design.

And when you visit iCoolGoods’ product page regarding this ingenious tech gift, you’ll find even more information on the construction, design, and necessity of an item such as this. Coupled with an assortment of pictures of the product at all angles, you’ll be a true expert on it before even considering placing an order.

Not only is this entirely honest presentation a feature of that product, but also is automatically provided for every single one of iCoolGoods’ nearly 100 products to consider. To know that iCoolGoods’ approach to the incorporation of tech gifts into your loved ones’ lives is to prioritize their gifting expectations and needs should keep you coming back to their site again and again.

Beyond Modern

On top of the gift itself is the ability to personalize your gift with “…your own branding and design specifications including color, copy, signatures and many more design features.” Where you’d often have to settle for a cool gift with no flavor, you now have the opportunity to take what you treasure about the people you know and directly infuse it into what you’ll soon give. And if you need a little help, the creative team at iCoolGoods is ready to speak with you and help your gifting vision become a reality.

iCoolGoods also wants you to get your gift as quickly as possible. To streamline the online shopping experience they emphasize their “Gift Selection-Customize-Delivery” process, which represents their efficiency in crafting your unique gift and getting it to you well ahead of the occasion. Should you need a return or refund, you’ll receive courteous and professional customer service the moment you send a message to [email protected]

With the ability to customize your tech gift, as well as a fun and simple process to fully represent what you’ve been thinking and feeling, there’s no doubt that iCoolGoods has the products you need and the service you expect to update your gifting and far exceed today’s expectations.

Good Now and Good Always

Clearly, iCoolGoods is the team to consult for finding the intentional tech gift you’ve been searching for. With your personal sentiments evident in the first presentation, as well as in every use your gift receives, you’re going to astound your recipients and ensure that your gifts are at the top of their list all year round. To unleash the modern tech-gifting man in you, contact iCoolGoods today.

This content is sponsored by iCoolGoods.

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