How To Pursue A Nursing Career As A Busy Mom

Parenting can be quite the challenge sometimes, especially when you’re trying to have a career and go after your own dreams. You only have twenty-four hours in a day to accomplish everything that you need to daily; jobs around the house, keeping up with your child’s schedules, all while trying to keep up with your job. It leaves very little time for you to breathe, let alone have some time for yourself to work on your career goals.

If you are considering a career in nursing, then you must figure out a way to meet your goal. You’ll be happier for in the long run and won’t need to deal with having feelings of regret about the what ifs. Review the following advice to help you maneuver through this uncertain yet exciting time in your life.

Obtain an Education Online

You can pursue a nursing career as a busy mom by choosing to study online. For example, there are online absn programs to take advantage of so you can earn your degree when it’s convenient for you. You’ll be able to complete the coursework and gain new skills right from the comfort on your own home. It’s a great option if you’re a mom who’s on a tight schedule but still want to have a career. You won’t waste time commuting to a specific location, and it’s a practical solution when you’re juggling a hectic schedule.

Ask for Help

Be mindful that you don’t have to go about pursuing a nursing career all on your own. Have a family meeting so everyone knows what you’re up to and can offer help and support. Reach out to your friends and extended family members if you need a babysitter throughout the week or your kids need a ride to school or one of their activities so that you can study. Get others around who love and care about you involved in what you’re doing so they can be there to offer assistance when you need it. Work with your spouse and communicate with each other so that you’re both pitching in around the house.  

Practice Work-Life Balance

One of the more challenging aspects of being a working mom is being able to set boundaries with your time and others. It’s important to commit to practicing work-life balance and not over committing in one area of your life. You’ll be a lot happier when you’re taking good care of yourself and can avoid becoming stressed out because you’re spreading yourself too thin. Set specific times for when you’re going to focus on your career, your self-care and your family life so you can ensure you’re not favoring one over the other. 

Proactively Manage Your Time

Having good time management skills is going to be essential if you want to successfully pursue a nursing career as a busy mom. Keep a calendar and write down all your to-dos so that you can visibly see if you’re taking on too much. You need to be able to track your work, and personal schedules, as well as your spouse’s and kids, so you can keep it all straight. A calendar of events will also allow you to see any upcoming conflicts in schedules instead of being caught off guard. The fewer surprises that you must deal with when trying to get through each day, the better. 

Make Meals Ahead of Time

One tip that’s going to make your life easier as you pursue a nursing career as a busy mom is to make meals ahead of time. Choose a day such as Sunday when you’re going to grocery shop and cook so that you have meals ready for the week. This way you can study while your kids are at school and put a warm dinner out on the table when they get home without having to do any prep work. Make it as simple and uncomplicated for yourself as possible, so you’re not trying to fit too many tasks into each day. There are a lot of delicious and easy recipes online that you can find and make so that you can get through this busy time in your life. Don’t be afraid to order takeout food occasionally if you forget or don’t have time to cook.

Stay Motivated by Focusing on the End-Goal

When you are a busy mom who has a career and following through with what you planned on doing, it can be easy to lose sight of your goals. Therefore, focus on what you can do to stay motivated to continue to pursue your professional goals. You may want to take the time to create a vision board or write in a journal so you can constantly remind yourself about how important this objective is for you. Concentrate on the end-goal of you furthering your education and being able to help people one day in a hospital or similar setting. Whenever you’re feeling defeated or frustrated, remind yourself of all the reasons why you began this journey in the first place. 

Talk to Those Who’ve Done it

You may find it useful to know that you’re not alone or the only woman who’s trying to do it all. Many parents have a family and a career and have faced the same dilemma before. Reach out and connect with other parents who work as a nurse and must juggle their family lives while pursuing a career. Hearing their stories of struggle and being able to overcome any self-doubt or fears may be just what you need to keep yourself going strong and heading in the right direction. Ask them questions about what they found were the most challenging steps along the way and their advice for staying on track and not giving up. Having this type of support system will allow you to realize that you too can succeed if you are willing to stick with it through the ups and downs. 

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